Vicente and Santos officially sworn in to represent Brampton Wards 1,5

Community News & Features Dec 7, 2018 at 7:53 pm

Vicente-and-SantosSantos and Vicente have maintained high visibility since Election Day

BRAMPTON, ON–Paul Vicente and Rowena Santos, who were elected Regional Councillor and City Councillor respectively, thanked supporters for choosing them to be their voice on council in Brampton Wards 1&5 after officially being sworn in at the inauguration ceremony at the Rose Theatre on Monday night.

Since Election Day on October 22, Vicente and Santos have hit the ground running. Within a week of being elected, they hosted a town hall on community safety, attended numerous community events, and participated in orientation activities including a tour of Ryerson University’s campus. When the Provincial government announced the cancellation of funding for the expansion into Brampton, Vicente and Santos were the first on council to respond and propose a solution to keep moving with Ryerson.

“We want to continue to build on the momentum we had in our campaign and keep moving forward as we take action on a number of important issues”, said Vicente. “The residents of Wards 1&5 have given us a mandate to make decisions that adequately represent the community we serve and we take that responsibility very seriously”, added Santos, who made history as the first Filipino elected to Brampton City Council.

Vicente and Santos ran on a platform that includes economic development and job creation, improving neighbourhood safety, advocating for increased investment in transit, and getting the basics right with matters relating to services such as winter road maintenance. They campaigned as a team to emphasize the importance of teamwork and said that they are looking forward to bringing the same level of collegiality to the new Council.

“We congratulate the new Mayor and the rest of our colleagues on Council as they celebrate this special day,” said Vicente. Santos added, “we are looking forward to working with this young, bright, and diverse team on Council to make Brampton even better.”

As the inauguration celebrations came to a close, Vicente stated: “we are ready to start working in an official capacity and meet with our constituents and stakeholders”. Added Santos: “now, the work begins. Let’s start building a brighter future for Brampton.”

Paul Vicente and Rowena Santos have called Brampton home for many years. They are both raising their children in the city and are actively involved in the community. After being elected Regional and City Councillor in the 2018 municipal election, they are working hard to help Brampton realize its potential to be a city where residents can live, work, learn and play.

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