10 uniquely Filipino Christmas traditions

Features Philippines Dec 21, 2018 at 5:16 pm
Photo: Children Internationale

Photo: Children Internationale

No one celebrates the Yuletide season better than the Filipinos! Resilient, jubilant and charming, Pinoys are known all over the world for their long, lavish, animated and one-of-a-kind holiday season celebrations. Although our motherland doesn’t have a wintry backdrop that echoes a quintessential Christmas feel, the Yuletide season is still very much alive all over the archipelago, thanks to our unique and amazing customs. ## While Christmas is a holiday celebrated worldwide, some of our traditions are completely and uniquely Filipino. Our Christian roots and beliefs, meshed with our fascinating culture, have transformed this special holiday into something that can totally call ours. Skyscanner lists down the Christmas traditions that are uniquely Pinoy.

1. The Christmas season starts in September

There’s absolutely no other country in the world that celebrates Christmas longer than the Philippines. As matter of fact, you’ll feel the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines, as early as the 1st day of September. Once the “ber” months set in, Pinoys will begin adorning their establishments, houses and streets with eye-catching light displays, wondrous decorations and gigantic Christmas trees. What’s more, you’ll start hearing timeless Jose Marie Chan Christmas classics as well as Yuletide carols in shopping malls and on the radio.

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