In Memory of Arnulfo Loria Lacuesta, January 27, 1947 – September 21, 2018

Community News & Features Dec 21, 2018 at 3:34 pm

LacuestaArnulfo Loria Lacuesta, 71, passed away on Friday September 21, 2018. Arnulfo, also known as Arnold, Noning and Lolo Dad to his friends, family and grandchildren, was born on January 27, 1947 to Serafin and Felixberta in Lambunao, Iloilo, Philippines. He was the seventh of ten children.

Arnulfo studied at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo, Philippines where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. Here, he created and nurtured lifelong friendships and revealed his charm and ability to be the light of the room. As a young professional, he later moved to Dumaguete City to work as a Medical Technologist at Silliman University Medical Center. It was in Dumaguete where he met his wife of 49 years, Bienvenida (Binky) Lacuesta. Together they had four children: Elaine, Lawrence, Lalaine and Dawn. Arnulfo’s gift in teaching flourished as he began to train students in the laboratory. He was adored by his students, describing him as someone who was approachable, knowledgeable, and uses humor as a tool to make learning fun and effective.

Seeking better opportunities for their family, Arnulfo and Binky made plans to immigrate. First, Arnulfo ventured abroad to work for two years in Yemen. In the summer of 1989, Arnulfo, along with his family, travelled to Canada. They first landed in Grand Falls, Newfoundland, where his brother Rogelio and his family resided. Arnulfo and family then moved to Toronto, Ontario. For the next 21 years, Arnulfo worked in the Pathology department at Scarborough Grace Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Arnulfo will be forever remembered as a man with a strong work ethic and a man who believed in the importance of family. A man of few words, his love for his family was demonstrated through his actions. He revelled in the simple joys of family life anchored by food, conversation and laughter. He found pleasure in being surrounded by his grandchildren, sharing the bounty of his garden, and the occasional game of mahjong. He was the rock for the descendants of Serafin and Felixberta Lacuesta. As the patriarch, he would do his rounds, check in, and ensure that everyone in the immediate and extended circle of family was okay. When he spoke, he was sharp, witty, and would hold the attention of those around him. Arnulfo was a man who left an indelible mark among those who loved and knew him.

Arnulfo is survived by his wife Binky, his four children and their spouses (Elaine and Mike, Lawrence and Josie, Lalaine and Michael, and Dawn and Kenrick), and grandchildren (Michael, David, Daniel, Emeli Bien, Arlaw, Isabel, Julian, Selene and Carina). He will also be deeply missed by Eljay, Julie, Bong-Bong, Rosemarie and Jan Roven, who round out the immediate family that congregate at “Earlsdale”.

Visitation was held at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Centres in Toronto on September 27, 2018, followed by the funeral service and interment on September 28. Donations in Arnulfo’s memory may be made to the Fellowship in COPD at the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation. Please visit or call (416)603-5300.