‘Pelikula lang?’ Directors, critics hit ‘Bato’ movie

Features Philippines Feb 8, 2019 at 4:09 pm


MANILA, Philippines – Former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald dela Rosa thinks it’s unbelievable that his life is now literally the stuff of movies, with no less than Robin Padilla portraying the Davao-born cop.

But critics – including prominent names in the film industry – are dumbfounded over the movie’s release but for very different reasons.

Ronald_dela_Rosa_073116_(cropped)Director Lore Reyes, best known for his work with fellow director Peque Gallaga on Magic Temple and Batang X, was one of the first to call on a boycott of the movie.

In a statement to entertainment website Pep, Reyes said: “I stand by my principles and will persist in critizing bad governance, plundering of the national treasury, and the pervading air of injustice, fear and intimidation, and non-accountability.”

“Recently, angry words have been hurled at my person on account of statements I’ve made in public posts on Facebook. Cursing me and calling me names will not change my active political posture,” he said, adding that many of his friends were murdered during the Marcos regime and that they would not betray what they stood for.

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