Filipino Heritage Month logo released

Community News & Features May 10, 2019 at 3:00 pm

Filipino-Heritage-Month-LogoBy Tony A. San Juan

The Filipino Heritage Month Council-FHMC , a non-profit, volunteer-run, heritage- focused association of Filipino Canadians formed in April 2018, aims to help promote, propagate and preserve Filipino heritage, history, language, art and culture in Canada, through education, information, research, networking and communication initiatives. It is proud at this point to announce the reintroduction of the use of its official logo to commemorate the inaugural celebration of  “Filipino Heritage Month” across Canada beginning June 2019 and thereafter, as proclaimed by Canada’s House of Commons on October 22, 2018.

The “Filipino Heritage Month” emblem, shown here, is owned by the Filipino Heritage Month Council-FHMC. It was designed by Filipino Canadian Joy Panjaitan in May 2018 after a competition organized by the FHMC in cooperation with Rise Tribe,a «visionary organization for a new generation of Filipino Canadians.” J. Panjaitan received a cash prize donated by ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel led by its marketing head Rosary Escano.

Descriptively, the Filipino Heritage Month logo features “a stylized sun in the centre, with its rays in the shape of people representing the growing Filipino community in Canada.”

Interested organizations and individuals are encouraged to use the Filipino Heritage Month logo as a way to  recognize and appreciate the contributions and achievements of Filipino Canadians in Canada. There are, however, certain FHM Council considerations to be strictly observed by anyone in using the FHM trademark, as follows:

1. The FHM Logo is exclusively owned by the Filipino Heritage Month Council-FHMC which officially defines and identifies its symbol, word and brand.

2. Any person or organization or company is free to use the FHMC logo. A written permission or proper acknowledgement or attribution, whenever possible, is requested.

3. An organization, company or individual that is given permission to use can never change or alter the trademark appearing on its product or medium.

4. The Filipino Heritage Month Logo is not to be used for business purposes. If some form of profit or commercial gains are expected by the intended user, a written agreement and financial arrangement are highly necessary between the FHMC and the user.

It is hopefully expected that Filipino Canadians, together with their families, friends, colleagues, and supporters, will proudly celebrate the historic milestone of Filipino Heritage Month in June 2019  within the national spirit of genuine Filipino character and great traditions.