Writers group releases historical poster

Community News & Features May 24, 2019 at 3:57 pm

TORONTO – THE Filipino Canadian Writers and Journalists Network (FC-WJNet) is releasing its first collective work, titled, The Struggle for Philippine Independence. The published work is an illustrated poster consisting of key historical events from 1521 to 1946, covering the period of colonization of the country first by Spain, then the United States, the invasion by the Japanese Imperial forces, and the continuing domination of the US in the political and economic life of the country. The poster is accompanied by a digital list of references to links, books, movies and other resources that elaborate on the events depicted in the poster. (Go to www.fc-wjnet.com for the digital list).

The poster "The Struggle for Philippine Independence" released by Filipino Canadian Writers and Journalists Network (FC-WJNet)

The poster “The Struggle for Philippine Independence” released by Filipino Canadian Writers and Journalists Network (FC-WJNet)

Over a dozen key points were selected throughout the period, depicting documented stories of unflinching heroism, compromise, betrayal, defeat and triumph by the various forces involved during this period of Philippine history.
The poster is a result of months of research and discussions among members of FC-WJNet, to fill in the need for a concise and accessible resource on the Filipino people’s struggle for Philippine independence. It is being made available to libraries, school boards, universities, community centres, government and non-government organizations, and is free to anyone and any group interested in its use as an educational resource. Presentations on the poster may be scheduled by contacting FC-WJNet at fcwjnet@gmail.com.
FC-WJNet is an organization of writers and journalists committed to advancing Filipino-Canadian literature and journalism. Its members include writers, journalists, playwrights, screenwriters, book authors and others. For information, email: fcwjnet@gmail.com.