Dingdong Dantes – inspired, pleasant, whips up crowd at Pinoy Fiesta

Community News & Features Jun 28, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Exclusive Interview

TORONTO–The Philippine Reporter had the chance to briefly interview visiting Filipino show business idol Dingdong Dantes, who was the special guest at Pinoy Fiesta at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Pinoy Fiesta, held last Saturday, June 22, is the annual event of the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation that showcases Filipino culture, food and small businesses, among others.

Just before Dantes emerged on stage to perform before the audience, Rosemer Enverga, President of the PFFC, invited us and another media outlet to meet the showbiz star and interview him, if we wanted to.

TPR took the opportunity to meet with Dantes, who obliged to answer a few questions.

The Philippine Reporter: Is this your first visit to Toronto?

DINGDONG DANTES at the backstage of Metro Toronto Convention Centre

DINGDONG DANTES at the backstage of Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Dingdong Dantes: It is my third time, with Marian Rivera who was not yet my wife then. Then my second recently, and this one, the third time.

TPR: We heard that the new thing with you is that you and your wife Marian – aside from your little girl — have a new baby. How does it feel to be new father again?

DD: Oh wow! It’s a great feeling. For me, my inspiration for working, for living life is heightened to a hundred fold again, talagang lahat ng ginagawa ko ay para sa kanila, so mayroon ako parating energy, mayroon akong inspirasyon araw araw (all that I do is for them, so I always have energy, I have inspiration everyday).

TPR: With your growing family, how do you find work in showbiz now?

DD: It’s hard because being in the movies is busy in terms of our working hours, but because I am very motivated then I am very happy doing it.

TPR: What is your latest movie that you would like to promote to our readers?

DD: In GMA, we have this show we call Mission Earth, which is shown every Sunday.

We are starting a new teleserye. It’s called Descendants of the Sun, so you can watch for it.

Photos: HG

Photos: HG

TPR: You are a celebrity married to a celebrity as well. Despite the fact that you are both in show business, it appears that you have a good thing going on with your marriage. Can you comment on that?

DD: Well we just make sure that God is at the centre of our relationship and family is a our priority.

TPR: Are there new impressions you have about Toronto in this visit for the third time?

DD: Yes, it just makes me want to come back more.

From Toronto, Dantes will visit Vancouver where he has a number of relatives.

During the show, Dantes sang songs to the delight of fans, mostly women, who came closer to the stage. He was game about randomly inviting a female fan onstage, and Dantes sang while she took a selfie video of them together. As he performed, some fans waved and swayed with the music, as they focused their cellphone cameras and videos on him.

Altogether, Dantes appeared to be a pleasant presence to his audience, with his laid back style and unassuming demeanor.    — M.A.G.