Celebrating the 50th and the 30th

Community News & Features Sep 13, 2019 at 4:03 pm

Pat-LazaroBy Pat Lazaro

The Garcia clan in GTA congratulates Hermie and Mila on their 50th wedding anniversary, and The Philippine Reporter on their 30th year anniversary! Our parents would be so happy and so proud of you, enjoying this evening, if they were here. May they rest in peace! They were with you from Day 1, on your wedding day and even from the conception of The Philippine Reporter.

To this day, Mila has been an important part of our family. My brother and I grew up together and went to the same school, until the time when he moved to University of the Philippines Diliman to finish university. He then met Mila in the UP campus. They both had the same passion and love for truth, for journalism and for our native country, the Philippines. This same passion strengthened their love for each other through the years, and now here they are… 50 years together and both of them still writing, editing and publishing The Philippine Reporter.

The Garcia Family thanks the staff of The Philippine Reporter, as well as all their friends for supporting their work this past 30 years. I think this is not just a job for my brother and Mila; it is their life – searching for the truth and informing the people of the facts and helping the vulnerable in their search for justice. The world is a better place for their kind of journalism, and we applaud them.

Here is wishing you both another 50 years together, and The Philippine Reporter another 30 years and more! Congratulations!

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