For land and for the future, the Lumad ‘bakwit’ school’s fight continues

Features Philippines Oct 25, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Lumad-bakwit-school“If we don’t fight now, when we grow up, we won’t have anything to fight for because it’s already too late.”

By Alyssa Mae Clarin

MANILA— In a call to stop the continuous attacks on Lumad schools, the Save Our School Network has appealed for public’s help in defending the ancestral lands of the Lumad children in the bakwit (evacuation) schools.

During the Convener’s Meeting and Report Back of the Save Our School’s Network held at the Commission of Human Rights last week, advocates urged the public to sign the petition to defend the Pantaron mountain range, the home for the Manobo for generations, against the foreign mining companies attempting to force their way in. It is in the Pantaron mountain range where 17 of the Salugpongan schools are located.

“Education is not their real target, but the lands,” said SOS Spokesperson Rius Valle. “They attack the schools because they know that education will be a strong weapon against the Lumad’s resistance against these oppressors.”

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