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Messages to The Philippine Reporter on its 20th Anniversary


Integral service

Toronto is a commonwealth of nations and a microcosm of the world, a place that people from nearly every corner of the globe call home. The city’s multicultural press provide an integral service, catering to the interests of our diverse residents and providing news and entertainment that keep communities connected.

In celebrating twenty years of publishing, The Philippine Reporter can take pride in providing its readers with important information on a wide variety of topics and issues that help promote discussion and the sharing of ideas among many.

Mayor David Miller, City of Toronto

Mayor David Miller, City of Toronto


Dedication to human welfare

In a mere two decades, you have touched the lives of so many in desperation, whom other media have literally turned their backs on. Your dedication to human welfare on the the global level has deeply touched my own heart and those of thousands.

My own history with you goes back to the days when I was with the Niagara-on-the-Lake General Hospital as head to the Laboratory Department.

I hade the privilege of your continued support when I began my political career in 1994. Speaking as the first Filipino-born Lord Mayor of Canada’s first capital. I appreciated your coverage of my own – indeed, the world itself’s – affairs then, and that appreciation has only grown with time. You make me, may family and all of our countrymen so very proud to call ourselves FILIPINO. You are a credit not only to your profession but to our nation as well. May the Lord grant you even more decades to continue your noble and fine performance.

Art T. Viola
Councillor and Former Lord Mayor
Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake


Professional reporting

I congratulate the members of the Philippine Reporter for 20 years of professional reporting – for making sure that they not only give people the news accurately and in timely fashion, but also for helping cast the information and analysis in a manner that firstly illuminates, and then encourages discernment, and then leads to inspired action.

Mabuhay ang mga Tagapagbalitang Pilipino!

Jose S. Brillantes
Philippine Ambassador to Canada



Greetings to the Philippine Reporter’s owners and staff in celebration of their 20th Anniversary
I applaud Hermie and Mila Garcia for their continued efforts in producing an informative and entertaining Filipino newspaper. Let us not forget their hard work in increasing awareness to social justice issues.

My best wishes for a great celebration and ongoing success.

Luz del Rosario, CHRP
Trustee, Mississauga Wards 6 & 11 Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board


One of the best

those of all the members of your community who appreciate and enjoy the benefits of your struggles for social justice, community and equality.

Over the years The Philippine Reporter, time and again, found itself in the forefront battling for ideas and principles worthy of the integrity and acceptance of free people and good citizens.
Twenty years in the life of a publication is really a very long time and shows the respect accorded to it by readers and the community it serves.

The Philippine Reporter today, thanks to your leadership and professionalism, is one of the best publications serving the multicultural communities of Canada.

Thomas S. Saras
National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada
President and CEO


‘Best editorial and Design’

The Philippine Reporter contains the latest news from the Philippines and the Filipino community in Canada. It has also received the award “Best Editorial and Design” from the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada.

‘The Philippine Reporter’ has been described as “the newspaper that has the strongest impact in the Filipino community” and as “an institution in the Filipino Canadian Community…” I applaud these acclamations and join in the celebrations!

Alex Chiu
Councillor Ward 8, Markham


It gives me great joy to congratulate the management and staff of The Philippine Reporter for 20 years of notable and well-earned journalistic presence in the Greater Toronto Area. I wish you many, many more years of valuable service to a growing and vibrant community of new Filipino migrants, contract workers and established Filipino-Canadians.

Flor Marcelino
Member, Legislative Assembly of Manitoba


Congratulations Philippine Reporter 20 years of presence in the community is a remarkable achievement.

Marlene S. Mogado

Trustee, Ward 4,5,7,8 (Markham, Milliken, Unionville)
York Catholic District School Board


Informed community

Congratulations on the anniversary of your newspaper. You and Hermie
have contributed to having an informed Filipino community in Canada through your newspaper. I wish you more success in the coming years and wider readership!!

Linglingay F. Lacanlale, Philippine Ambassador to Austria

Linglingay F. Lacanlale, Philippine Ambassador to Austria


Foolish old man

Like the foolish old man who removed the mountain, The Philippine Reporter has not only survived but thrived during the past 20 years. May your publication achieve more success in the next stage of its long march!

Chito Sta. Romana
ABC News Team
Beijing, China


Fulfilling journey

Congratulations to (the) Philippine Reporter for surviving and thriving for 20 years! Being part of the ethnic media in the Americas, I know how challenging it is to triumph over the publishing odds. A special salute to Mila and Hermie, who have trekked a difficult but ultimately fulfilling journey from Dumaguete to Toronto. As our kababayans would say, Mabuhay kayo!

Gemma Nemenzo
Filipinas Magazine
San Francisco, California


Important link

Mabuhay to the Philippine Reporter on its 20th anniversary. As a graduate student in Canada from September 1989 to March 1992, the Philippine Reporter kept me updated on events in the homeland, I am sure that your newspaper continues to provide this important link between Filipino-Canadians and their country of origin and contributes to keeping the flame of patriotism and love of the Philippines burning.

Thank you Hermie and Mila for this valuable service to Fil-Canadians and to the Philippines. Padayon.

Judy Taguiwalo, Ph.D.

2009-2010 UP Faculty Regent


Passion and dedication

Twenty years of The Philippine Reporter is a joyful event worth celebrating. Any publication that has lasted this long–in this time of declining advertising budgets for newspapers as well as readership–must have established a good name and must have been run well. I can imagine the passion and dedication that goes to every issue of the newspaper.

I am very happy for The Philippine Reporter and all that it has achieved. The Filipino community in Toronto is enriched by its presence.

Congratulations and all the best!

Marites Danguilan Vitug
Editor in Chief, Newsbreak
Executive Editor,
abs-cbnNEWS.com, Manila, Philippines


Sensitivity, public service

Congratulations to the Philippine Reporter for 20 years of pioneering newspapering that serves the Filipino community in Canada. You have blazed a trail. You have chronicled the life and times of this community with sensitivity and a deep sense of public service.

Sheila S. Coronel
Director, Stabile Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Journalism School
Columbia University, New York


Unparalleled resource

For researchers with an interest in the Philippines and the Filipino community in Canada, The Philippine Reporter is an unparalleled resource. It provides a view of current affairs in the Philipines that is both well-informed and politically committed; and it gives a voice to the Filipino community in Toronto that speaks surely and firmly for social justice.

Kayo pa rin!

Dr. Phillip Kelly
Associate Professor Geography,
York University



Congratulations on your twenty years of keeping people informed, entertained, and proud! Mabuhay!

Marra PL. Lanot

Author, poet, writer


Ang tatag

Wow! Naka-twenty years na ang Philippine Reporter! Ang tatag. Ang galing. Mabuhay kayo! Habang-buhay na mabuhay kayo!

Jose F. Lacaba
Author, writer, Manila


Judicious mix

Congratulations for 20 years of a judicious mix of news and features coupled with opinions and analyses. I do appreciate the round-up on the Philippines and on the community – the latter complete with calendar of events… the best of all – fidelity to social justice. I wish you good health and well-being as you continue to advocate for the public good.

Perla Aragon Choudhury
Writer, Manila


Pioneering job

Toronto is so fortunate to have a newspaper that does more than connect a community of Filipinos and those interested in Philippine affairs and issues. Managed and edited by two veteran journalists with sterling credentials from the Philippines. Hermie and Mila Garcia have done a marvelous pioneering job (also a herculean or a hermie-lean task?) or running a paper to be proud of. May The Philippine Reporter live on for many more decades!

Neni Sta. Romana Cruz
Author, Manila


Voice of the community

“We send you all from Beijing our warmest congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the launch of The Philippine Reporter. Over the years, you have served as the voice of the community and a trusted source of news and views. You are proud Filipinos. You are the pride of the Filipinos.”

Jaime FlorCruz CNN Beijing Bureau Chief

Jaime FlorCruz CNN Beijing Bureau Chief


Honorable journalism

The Philippine Reporter has kept the growing Filipino community informed and up to date by consistently providing objective and fair accounts of current events and issues from the Philippines. It has also successfully covered local events that promote our local Filipino talents and Filipino culture, and local issues that affect Filipinos in Canada. With numerous angles in every story, The Philippine Reporter never fails to bring truth and justice at the forefront.

Migrante-Ontario and all its member organizations thank The Philippine Reporter for continuously supporting our cause in promoting the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants and generating support for the struggle of our people for a just and humane society. We commend your outstanding dedication to honorable journalism and excepti onal commitment to our people.



Pinoy spirit

Wow, 20 years, what an achievment. Thanks for keeping the Pinoy spirit there. Well sana magbalikbayan naman kayo para magkitakita naman tayo. Again, congrats. Missed you guys. Keep up the good work.

Francisco P. Baltazar
Foreign News Editor
Business World


Inspiring advocacies

“With the predicted “Global Village” a contemporary reality, The Philippine Reporter is doing its share to build Canadian social capital by calling on the strengths and talents of Filipino-Canadians.
The paper’s 20-year history shows its belief in a Canadian idealism that is just, kind, considerate and caring to all peoples who settle there — the essence of human rights, obligations and responsibilities worldwide. Keep up the inspiring advocacies to maximize human potential.”

Felice Prudente Sta. Maria
Author, Manila


Warmest greetings

Our warmest greetings on the 20th Anniversary of Philippine Reporter. We are happy to have been a small part of its beginnings and even happier to see it grow and prosper as the premier newspaper for Filipinos in Canada. Keeping our countrymen and women abreast of Philippine economic, social and political developments over the last so many years have surely kept family bonds stronger and intensified Canadian Pinoys’ love of and concern for the Philippines. We wish you many more years of success and a prayer that you won’t be affected by the global recession. Here’s to the next 20 years!

All the best from:

Lito, Oyie, Inky, Jenny and Jeline de Dios

Lito, Oyie, Inky, Jenny and Jeline de Dios



What Others Say:

Dear Editor,

I came across the online edition of the Philippine Reporter when I was browsing the internet on newspapers that cater to Filipino communities in Canada. It’s uplifting to know that your newspaper, although thousands of miles away from the country, manages to come up with relevant and timely local news articles which still concern and matter to Filipinos abroad. I also found out that your paper has won awards from an ethnic media organization in Canada, a feat that not only Filipinos in Canada but Filipino journalists like me should be proud of.

Again, congratulations and good luck to the Philippine Reporter in your mission to provide journalism that has meaningful and strong impact to Filipino communities in Canada.

Romel Bernardo
Executive Producer,
The Correspondents
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation
Quezon City, Philippines


We just visited your Philippine Reporter website, and we must say we found it impressive in its overall professional treatment of the information, and the quality of the website design.
Our congratulations for a truly professional job. Your website is highly informative, provides interesting stories and superior quality photos.
The quality of this website reflects your commitment to providing a newspaper of unparalleled importance to the Filipino community in Toronto.
More power to you!

Armand & Melinda Rustia
Publishers, iFilipino Magazine


I just wanted to express my admiration in your coverage of The Jeffrey Reodica’s episode. It has not only awakened the Filipino community to unite but has been a bracing force in educating us how to protect our young teens in times of cruelty and callousness of arrogant entity.
More of His richest blessings.

Roger Asuncion


True to its name The Philippine Reporter reports in timely and effective fashion those that are closest to the concerns of the Filipino-Canadian community. Your paper deserves its place . . .closest to the heart of the Indio.

Paul F. de la Cruz
Philippine Press Club-Ontario


I came across the website of The Philippine Reporter tonight. It’s full of news and information which will serve as the guiding post for Filipinos here in Toronto and other parts of Ontario.
It’s dignified , educational, informative and prestigious.
Kindly continue your good work in the field of journalism.
Thanks and regards.

Jojo Taduran


Fearless and pro-active…. The Philippine Reporter offers the reader an unvarnished and intelligent look at the Philippines with all of its gloom and bright lights. It also effectively showcases and asseses initiatives to solve current issues and burdens of the expatriate community. No sugar-coating, just the facts…..

Ludette E. Serrano-David
Kaakbay Financial Serives, Inc


I am so pleased with the professionalism and good service of The Philippine Reporter staff.

Mavic Ignacio-Palanca
Media Representative/Volunteer


I think The Philippine Reporter is a well-published newspaper. The news articles are both current and informative; furthermore, it surely covers the many different lifestyles of the Filipinos who live here in Canada and back home. I appreciate the staff’s excellent customer service and I would recommend it to be a fine read.

Sonia Padilla
Clarica Financial Services


The articles written are very rich in information especially issues about our beloved country. The writers and contributors are skilled on the field of expertise and specialization.
The pictorials of different organizations are inspiring.
The advertisements are very helpful to the readers.

Conratulations to The Philippine Reporter news editor and the staff for the job well done!

Ramona Duque
Vice President,
The Toronto Fil-Can Seniors Club

October 23, 2005

Dear Editor,

I just finished visiting your website and like the other comments posted, I tend to agree with the other readers’ comments. Your generally balanced reporting of issues facing all Filipinos here and back-home really stands out amidst the tabloid-style of other Filipino publications. Also, I am impressed with the range of topics covered in your paper that matter to both 1st and 2nd generation readers.

Keep up the good work. Please stay true & honest in your reporting and may your paper continue to serve our communities for years to come.

Constantine Cabarios