Valentine’s Survey: Things we do, things we wish for

By Dyan Ruiz In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Philippine Reporter asked Filipino-Canadians in the GTA two simple questions: 1. What do you usually do on Valentine’s Day? 2. What do you wish happened on Valentine’s Day? I kept the responses anonymous with only their age and profession to identify them. From those that have 

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A community struggles for civility

By Joe Rivera The Filipino community in Toronto is being torn apart by a nasty spat between a long-standing and established community newspaper, on one hand, and a group of so-called concerned members of the community, on the other. It is sharply dividing the community and the growing rift does not reflect well on the 

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Theatre Review: Personal and Political mix in play

By Beatrice Paez When the lives of revered political figures are stolen at the height of their prime, their ghosts inspire a long train of literary works. Nina Lee Aquino searched no further than her family tree to find material for her sophomore effort as a playwright. Every Letter Counts, which runs at Factory Theatre 

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Pineapple Express: Art and Filipino cultural identity

By Beatrice Paez Jennifer Maramba is no thief. The business of art can fall prey to the appropriation of cultural artifacts, with artists not investing enough time to learn the customs built around them. Distance is no excuse for Maramba and her artist family, as they head back to the sun-stroked shores of the Philippines 

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Puerto Princesa Mayor Hagedorn fears for life of another Ortega witness

MANILA, Philippines — Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn fears for the life of a third witness in the killing of journalist and environmentalist Gerry Ortega. Hagedorn made this statement after a suspect-turned-witness in the case, Dennis Aranas, was found dead inside his cell in a provincial jail. During the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on 

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EARTHTALK: Benefits of public transit

Dear EarthTalk: It might seem obvious, but what would be the primary benefits of public transit as an alternative to the private automobile if our country were to make a major commitment to it?– James Millerton, Armstrong, PA The benefits of making a major commitment to building up and efficiently managing a larger and more 

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Girl with a big voice, a very big message

SPEAK-OUT TORONTO By Na’eema Garcia My name is Na’eema bint Idriis wa Amiira. In Arabic, this is Na’eema the daughter of Idriis and Amiira. I am 7 years-old. When I grow up I would like to be a Scholar, an Archeologist, a business owner, a Grand Master in Chess and a WNBA player. There are 

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A happy heart renders ‘10 Rights of a Child’

MASKING SUSPICIOUS LOSS OF DAD JONAS MANILA–Guess who is the latest – and arguably one of the cutest – child rights advocates? She is 8-year-old Yumi Burgos, only child of farmer-activist Jonas Burgos, one of the most recognizable desaparecidos in the country. Yumi just won second prize in a national poster-making contest called Likhaang Bata, 

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Idle No More

The Government has repeatedly used the phrase “hitting the reset button” in reference to the F-35s and now in reference to the relationship between the federal government and First Nations. However, you cannot simply “hit the reset button” on decades of broken promises and mistreatment, nor can history be ignored. If the Government is serious 

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Santos-Manilay Wedding

ANTHONY G. Santos and Irene Manilay recently (Jan. 26, 2013) tied the knot at the San Agustin Church in Manila and held a reception at Manila Diamond Hotel

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