It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the Journey

A Celebration of Life: Journey Lael Hilario By Analise Ticzon (Journey’s ‘Tita-Manang’) On Tuesday, September 25th, 2018, our beloved Journey Lael Hilario passed away after a sudden asthma attack at the tender age of 15. She is lovingly remembered by her mother Wendy Codinera Archard, stepdad David Archard, her father Jay Hilario, her older brother Jaden, 

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You Are What You Eat: Poor diet linked to many Cancers

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com The dreaded C word is so feared for a reason: A cancer diagnosis can shock your world, not to mention put your life in jeopardy. But with an estimated 90 percent of cancers attributable to diet and exercise habits, there’s hope for those willing to take their health into their own 

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Weight Loss: If You Can See It, You Can Do It

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Have you been overweight for so long that the only way you can picture your thinner self is by looking at old pictures? Or perhaps you don’t have any pictures because for whatever reason, you’ve always been fighting your weight. That “picture” of yourself, whether in your photo album or your 

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3 ways to get in shape fast

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com So get out there and get moving! There’s no better time to get in shape, and your body will thank you for it. Who better than personal trainers to know the best exercises to get you in shape safely and effectively? The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently conducted a survey 

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Magno sues Cusipag and sons for alleged fraudulent transfer of properties

By The Philippine Reporter It’s been several months since Balita publisher Tess Cusipag lost a defamation lawsuit filed by Oswald P. Magno but Cusipag’s legal woes appear to be far from over. The Philippine Reporter has obtained a Statement of Claim filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on July 18, 2018 showing Magno, 

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Inflation worsening: Gov’t should act fast as households’ incomes hemorrhage

Research group IBON said that inflation has not tapered off as government projected but has accelerated in September, highlighting government’s continued neglect in addressing rapidly rising prices of goods and services. The group said that government continues to push failed neoliberal measures, while feigning concern for Filipino families struggling with a quickly falling purchasing power. 

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‘Arroyo’s Cha-cha opens up her possible return to the presidency’

Colmenares on Arroyo’s draft charter Bayan Muna Chairman and former Rep. Neri Colmenares today (Oct. 9) said that the Resolution of Both Houses No. 15 which Speaker Gloria Arroyo filed contains provisions which could catapult her back to the presidency. “ While Article XVII section 2 provide that the incumbent president and vice president shall 

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Michael Yang

Michael Yang is presidential economic adviser

By Ellen Tordesillas Things will never be the same between China and President Duterte after the latter’s unprovoked comment about businessman Michael Yang and Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua at the dinner with officers and members Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Inc. last Oct. 4 in Malacañang. Duterte is now regarded by Chinese officials as a 

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Filipino women journalists: attacked but unbowed*

Journalists cannot sit idly by while the highest official of the land leads the attacks on press freedom and wields the machinery of government to peddle lies and deception. By RONALYN V. OLEA Bulatlat.com MANILA — For reporting the truth behind a gruesome killing in Mindanao, veteran journalist Julie Alipala was branded a terrorist in 

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Critical thinking under government attack, transformative education at risk

Recent government statements including by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) aim to stifle critical thinking of educators and students. By trying to censor ideas it finds objectionable, the State is violating the public’s right to free expression and academic freedom. This will stop education from being truly transformative. 

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