Venezuela-rally in vancouver

Who Needs Elections? Ask the U.S. about the government your country should have

By Nino Pagliccia Would anybody reading this article want to appoint him/herself as prime minister of Canada in front of a friendly crowd? All you need to say is that you don’t recognize the elected prime minister as legitimate. I asked that question to a crowd at a rally organized to affirm the sovereignty of 

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Foods high in carbohydrate on wooden background.

Quality Carbs: The secret to health?

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Sometimes it seems as if we’ve become so obsessed with weight loss that we’ve forgotten health is what truly matters. Yes, maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your disease burden significantly, but what we eat is consistently shown to be a leading, if not the leading, determinant of how long we 

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Type 2 Diabetes: Bad for the Brain

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Type 2 diabetes is no fun for anyone, regardless of age, with potential symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision, unintended weight loss, frequent infections and slow wound healing; and potential complications including heart disease, kidney problems, and nerve damage, sometimes leading to extremity amputation. Alzheimer’s disease is another potential complication of 

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Drinking coffee and preventing Gallstones

ToYourHealth.com Your gallbladder stores bile, the liquid produced by the liver to digest fats. Gallstones, hard masses of cholesterol and protein, are the most common digestive-related cause of hospitalization in the United States, with symptomatic gallstone disease affecting more than 20 million Americans annually. A 10-year study (1986-1996) examined the possibility that coffee could reduce 

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Renato Reyes Jr., BAYAN Philippines 
Secretary General

Solidarity vs Duterte regime’s attacks

BAYAN Canada holds first Congress By Althea Manasan The Philippine Reporter As heavy snow blanketed downtown Toronto over the weekend, one event hall was warmed by fiery political rhetoric and impassioned pleas for solidarity among the Filipino people. It was the official re-launch of Bayan Canada, an overseas chapter of the progressive Bagong Alyansang Makabayan 

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Sweet Therapy: How cakes helped one baker heal

By Irish Mae Silvestre The Philippine Reporter “I bought an entire $100 discounted cake decorating set and realized I had to learn how to use it” – Fely Grace Palmares, owner of Felicity Cakes and More Eggs, flour, butter and sugar. It’s hard to imagine how the simple act of baking can be a source 

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Minimum age of criminal around the world

How young is too young?

By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter A proposed law making its way through the Philippine Lower House would lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility (known as MACR) from 15 years old to as young as nine.

The bill seeks to amend the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 that currently retains the MACR at 

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Minimum age of criminal responsibility, reset to 12 years old, from 9

12, not 9 years old; “social,” not criminal responsibility, says House ABS-CBNNews.com MANILA–The House of Representatives on Wednesday (Jan. 23) approved on second reading a bill lowering the age of criminal liability. Lawmakers approved a bill lowering the age of criminal liability to 12 years old, instead of 9, as first proposed. House Justice Committee 

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Children in PH as Crime Scapegoats

By Carlos H. Conde Human Rights Watch The Philippine government is one step closer to prosecuting young children as adults, a key plank in President Rodrigo Duterte’s abuse-ridden anti-crime campaign. On Monday, a congressional committee approved a bill that would lower the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 9. If the Senate makes good on 

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From left, Cruz, Mithi Esguerra and Judith Gonzales

Campaign calls for Filipinas to speak out

Against sexual assault By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter A Toronto Pinay media personality is trying to ignite a campaign that encourages women to raise a collective voice against sexual assault. Rachelle Cruz has teamed up with other women’s groups in an apparent effort to break silence and has launched #FilipinasSpeakout to start the conversation 

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