PUP-PCC 2nd Global Reunion in Toronto

After the successful 1st Global Reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada USA in 2016, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines/Philippine College of Commerce (PUP/PCC) will be holding its once in a lifetime 2nd Global Reunion in Toronto on May 18-19, 2019 with the title “2Gather Again.” The highlight of this event will be a “Meet & 

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Sketches of my High School Classmates

By Jojo Sabalvaro Tan I was suddenly driven to do sketches of my high school classmates to commemorate our entry into our seventh decade. Most of us have just turned or are turning 70 . To me, it is a milestone. Having met my classmates when we were around 10 years old and retaining our 

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3 modern ways to stress less

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com The stresses of our 21st century society require 21st century solutions, and we’ve got three great ones you can incorporate into your life immediately. Bear in mind these aren’t the timeless “get more sleep,” “get organized” or “find some ‘you’ time” stress-relief tips you’ve heard over the years (although those are 

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Aerobics for the Brain: Not Just for Seniors

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Not only is aerobic exercise beneficial for the cardiovascular system; it’s also great for brain health, and the benefits don’t apply only to seniors. While numerous studies suggest aerobic exercise improves cognition in seniors, a new study published in Neurology provides evidence that aerobic workouts elevate cognitive skills in younger adults, 

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Show your liver some love

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Liver cancer is barely in the top 10 in terms of frequency in the United States; it’s the 10th most common cancer among men and the 8th most common among women. But don’t let your guard down– since 1980, cases of liver cancer have tripled, and in 2018, more than 42,000 

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Canadians Deserve 21st Century Ethnic TV

Channels like OMNI once served us well. What we’re offering is a huge leap forward. By Slava Levin and Hari Srinivas If you have a VCR in 2019, it’s likely gathering dust on a shelf. There’s nothing wrong with it. It still does the same job it always did. But today we live in a 

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Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen invited the audience for a group photo op.

New caregiver pilot programs: High hopes, unanswered questions

By Michelle Chermaine Ramos The Philippine Reporter THE caregiver program of the federal government has undergone another revision. For how many times now, no one seems to care. But what caregivers and their advocacy supporters want to know are straightforward answers to questions that affect their lives and their families. On Saturday February 23, 2019, 

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Migrant Caregivers win major victory, Permanent resident status on arrival still needed

Newly announced pilot Caregiver Program, and Interim Program important steps in the right direction, and a direct response to Caregiver organizing. CANADA–Migrant Care Worker organizations and allies from across Canada (scroll below for list of organizations) are welcoming the newly announced Caregiver Program which is a direct response to the Landed Status Now (www.LandedStatusNow.ca) campaign 

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Jess and Tess Mallari

Mallaris out on bail, court date set March 28

By Mila Astorga-Garcia The Philippine Reporter TORONTO–Around a dozen people attended a Newmarket Courthouse last February 28, 2019, expecting to see Jesus and Teresita Mallari at their first scheduled court appearance. The couple owned Mabini Express – a financial transfer company in Vaughan. The Mallaris are suspects in several alleged fraud cases involving more than 

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More than 90 Filipino Canadian youth at Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

Pinoy-Canadian students get on Parliament Hill

By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter OTTAWA (02/26/2019) — In April 2018, political science student Lhori Webster sat with fellow students in Toronto with the hope that other Filipino youth succeed in a variety of professional fields. Out of those conversations and the backing of their newly-established FILSAUO, or Filipino Students Association of the University 

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