Fit Tips

By Dr. George I. Traitses Being active can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce blood pressure, build strong bones, relieve stress, and maintain flexibility and good posture. Recreational sport is a great way to enjoy the many benefits of physical activity whether you pick up a hockey stick, golf club, racquet, or paddle, get 

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Tips for a healthy back

By Dr. George I. Traitses When your back hurts, many other things suffer, too.  Your energy is lower and your favourite activities can become sidelined. Everyday activities such as getting in and out of the car, lifting a child or carrying groceries can become painful and tiring. Even if you are not feeling sore, your 

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With upwards of 17 million U.S. households and offices possessing Keurig coffee brewers these days, billions of K-Cups are already ending up in landfills every year.
PHOTO: Aaron Paxson, courtesy Flickr

EARTHTALK: Keurig ‘K-Cup’ coffee containers

EarthTalk® Dear EarthTalk: What is the environmental impact of those “K-Cups” everyone seems to be using nowadays to make coffee at both home and office? — Chris B., Stamford, CT K-Cups—those little one-serving coffee containers that allow people to brew one cup at a time in a specially designed Keurig brewing machine—are all the rage 

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Thousands of “green” apps now that make it easy for people to find and share information to help us all become better stewards of the natural environment. Pictured: A GoodGuide app evaluates a household product.                          PHOTO: GoodGuide

EARTHTALK: Mobile Apps for environmental stewardship

EarthTalk® Dear EarthTalk: What are some cool apps that work with a mobile phone that can help me get in better touch with the environment?– Mitchell Brown, Troy, MI Not surprisingly, there are thousands of “green” apps out there that make it easier for people to find and share information to help us all become 

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Multi-awarded investigative journalist speaks on ‘Watchdog Reporting on the 21st Century: The Philippines and Beyond’  (PHOTO: JONATHAN CANCHELA)

Rulers’ plunder – easier to expose but risks are higher

Sheila Coronel, Director, Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, Columbia University: By Mila Astorga-Garcia TORONTO –The speaker herself, by virtue of her name and stature in journalism, was a sure crowd-drawer. So when the Philippine Press Club Ontario (PPCO) held its 4th public forum on journalism last Tuesday, May 18, at OISE’s 12th Floor Lounge, 

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An Open Letter to Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver

By Gregory Thomas, Federal Director In January 2012, Finance Minister Joe Oliver made a name for himself, as then Minister of Natural Resources, when he published an open letter tackling what he called ‘radical groups’ with an ‘ideological agenda’ and ‘jet-setting celebrities’ who lecture Canadians not to develop our natural resources.” Seeing as how his 

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Photo courtesy of THE CANADIAN PRESS

Olivia Chow will fight unemployment by supporting small business

SCARBOROUGH–Olivia Chow continued to set the policy agenda in the mayoral race with her fourth specific proposal. She will fight unemployment by supporting small businesses in four ways. Despite Rob Ford’s claims the city is “booming” unemployment is 10%. It is 22.5% among young people. “When I began my campaign, I said I’d create jobs 

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KUYA releases first single ‘Stay Here’

TORONTO–KUYA, an alternative R&B/Soul group (consisting of group members Bobby, Sammy, Johann and Jason) release their first single, Stay Here, along with the accompanying music video featuring Miss Universe Canada, Riza Santos. The group is excited to finally be unveiling new music. “Today we are still here because of our love for the music. We 

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why is much-needed infrastructure investment being cut?

Dear editor, Investments in public infrastructure are the single most cost-effective way for the Government of Canada to help drive jobs and growth. So why are the Conservatives slashing new funding for the biggest federal infrastructure fund by 90%? The old Building Canada Fund had grown to about $1.6 billion a year for community infrastructure 

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Professor Sheila S. Coronel, Director of  the Toni Stabile Center of Investigative Journalism of the University of Columbia, discusses how journalists and supporters of the Kiev protests gathered  and disseminated information against former Ukraine President Yanukovych that led to his downfall. 
Photo courtesy of PPCO

Watchdog reporting & gotcha journalism

The works of investigative journalists have enabled the porousness of today’s social media or the Internet in general in creating a virtually open source community. Professor Sheila S. Coronel, Director of the Toni Stabile Center of Investigative Journalism of Columbia University, led an afternoon of interactive and interesting conversation last March 18 at the University 

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