BOAT LOADING ORE. This ship is at the base of the Shenzhou Nickel Mine, a Chinese owned mining company, and they are shipping the ore to China for processing.

Activists, farmers in Mindanao resist global mining, agribusiness and military intrusions

By Joseph Smooke “It is better to die from bullets than from hunger,” said Jucy Salado, spokesperson for a small scale mining community outside Surigao City, Mindanao. In the jungles and coastal communities of the Caraga Region in northeast Mindanao, indigenous people are risking their lives by organizing against corporations that are often protected by 

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Sharing my life story

Being a baby boomer, I have always felt life is forever; that life just goes on; that the excitement of the life you became accustomed to, from the earth-shaking events of the Sixties when boomers like you were in high school, to the tumultuous Seventies when revolutions caught you in university campus, would never stop. 

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According to her former aide, Janet Napoles stored cash in a bath tub. Shown above is allegedly her daughter Jeane. Huffington Post published a correction saying it wasn’t Jeane and that it was a stock photo.

‘Wrecking Ball’ and other objects that made news in 2013

By Mong Palatino Bulatlat.com 1. Martilyo. Robbers belonging to the ‘Martilyo Gang’ used a hammer and crowbar to rob jewelry shops in SM North Edsa, the grandmother of all supermalls in the country. Because of this incident which happened during the Christmas shopping rush, hammers cannot be sold anymore in malls and police has banned 

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‘We Should Legalize Everything’ and other shocking sound bites of 2013

By Mong Palatino Bulatlat.com 2013 was a calamitous year for the Philippines – earthquakes, strong typhoons, bus crashes, corruption scandals. The reactions of various newsmakers to these disasters have revealed a lot of things about the fundamental flaws in governance, and in particular the inability of President BS Aquino to govern properly and decisively. Let 

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Pie in the sky

By Joe Rivera Confronting poverty from an inverse perception of the problem, instead of looking at its underlying roots and causes, is like offering the downtrodden masses a pie in the sky. It sounds attractive but everyone knows it is unlikely to happen. This is exactly how Conrado de Quiros, an unabashed supporter of President 

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Consul Jesusa Susana Paez

Dr. Jose Rizal: Quintessential Filipino

By Consul Jesusa Susana Paez (Speech delivered at the 117th anniversary commemoration by the Knights of Rizal (Canada) in Toronto on December 30, 2013 at Earl Bales Park social hall) Sir Poblete, Sir Claguio, Sir Alpuerta, Sir Marasigan, Lady Rose Cruz, Lady Odette Virey, Lady Ason Ramos, Lady Pilipinas Perez, Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, 

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DR. JOSE RIZAL, Filipino national hero

Love is never sorry immortalizing a friend

Believe Me Or Not! By Jose Sison Luzadas, KGOR A news feature that appeared in the July 9, 2013 issue of Canada’s Toronto Star was about the newly appointed Governor General, David Johnston then president of University of Waterloo. He has an exciting life to tell starting from his student days at Harvard where he was 

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YOLANDA survivors in Tacloban City

Yolanda fundraiser: Sagip Migrante relief report

We hope you had a happy Christmas, despite the tragic and calamitous event that preceded this. We thought it fitting that we send to you our updated Sagip Migrante report before the year ends. The swift kind and generous support you gave for the survivors of the Supertyphoon Yolanda is somehow a symbol of hope 

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While the majority of the proceeds traditionally go to the Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering hospital and other local organizations, Mayor Dave  Ryan (shown in photo) of Pickering Ontario, Canada, and the Gala Committee is donating $5000.00  towards disaster relief efforts in the Philippines tremendously affected by Typhoon Haiyan - Yolanda recently.   
(Romy Zetazate, St. Jamestown News Service)

Typhoon Haiyan tyhoon victims get support from Pickering, ON

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Jenifer Camacho at the concert.

Let it Shine Concert

TORONTO–Super typhoon Yolanda was the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013. Yolanda barreled through most of the Visayas, leaving a trail of wide devastation and is considered the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record killing about 6,000 people. Since then, various Filipino groups have been holding fundraising events such as concerts 

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