The journey that transformed me

By Maelyne Abrenica Last year I was part of a joint study between the United Church of Canada (UCC) and the Presbyterian Church of the Republic of Korea (PROK); it was an exposure visit concentrating on the empire, peace and economic justice. While in Korea we visited striking labourers, visited a migrant workers’ centre, spoke 

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How Exposure to Injustice Has Made Me an Advocate for Change

Journey in South Korea and the Philippines By Maelyne Abrenica (Presented at Diwa ng Kasarinlan in Toronto, July 27, 2013) My name is Maelyne Abrenica. I was born and raised in Toronto to Filipino parents.  I identify myself as Filipino but I am very Canadian.  As much as I am connected to the Filipino community 

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Karina Francisco

Understanding war, separatism and Islam in Mindanao

By Karina Francisco TORONTO–In light of the signing the wealth-sharing agreement between the central government of the Republic of the Philippines (ROP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) as well as the signing of the Framework Agreement in October 2012, it might seem that peace has finally been achieved in Mindanao. However, violence continues 

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PPCO takes trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake, enjoys wine, scenery and orchard farm

By Imelda Ortega Suzara The difficulty in coordinating the PPCO members for rides and schedules was worth the visit to this beautiful lake side park facing Lake Ontario, Niagara River and the US Niagara Fort across the river, historical site of the Battle of 1812. The peaceful and serene beauty of the water with sailboats 

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AYTONA, Toronto research intern

An intern reflects on unpaid internships

Young and not willing By Loren Aytona My fellow interns: If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve become media darlings as of late (who says 20something CEOs get all the fun?). Unpaid working arrangements are a hot topic these days. From intern activism in the U.K. to mass Internet backlash on the West Coast, debates surrounding 

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Veronica Liu, of the Word Up Community Bookshop, at the United Palace Theater in Washington Heights, where Word Up’s books are 
being stored. 
Photo courtesy: Karsten Moran for The New York Times

Vern Liu, FarTooCanadian in New York

Now, for something more inspiring. A feature of this column will be interviews with the  ‘nugen’ (New Generation)  of ‘hyfies’ (for Hyphenated Filipino as my daughter once called herself instead of the cumbersome Filipino-Canadian) . Let’s roll. She could be the reason so many New Yorkers, like Stephen Colbert, became such a Canadaphile  and  why 

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Mr. Basiliso and Mrs. Prima (de Veyra) Astorga on their wedding day 75 years ago.

A golden story to warm your heart

By Mila Astorga-Garcia (In honour of my long-departed parents who would have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this year, I reprint this column.  Fifteen years have passed since I had written this story, which I have told and re-told to our three children and four grandchildren. Just like my parents, they too live life with 

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“Sana Di SONA”

By Joe Rivera The 1987 Philippine Constitution does not say the President must deliver a State of the Nation Address (popularly shortened nowadays as SONA) at the opening of the regular session of Congress. It only states that “The President shall address the Congress at the opening of its regular session.” For whatever the noble 

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Radyo Migrante is York U Radio 2013 Best Spoken Word Show Awardee

Radyo Migrante has been honoured to have received the SPOKEN WORD PROGRAMMING AWARD during the CHRY 25th Anniversary Awards Ceremony on July 6, 2013. This award recognizes the show for “being an outstanding leader in critically thought out spoken word broadcasting” in the York University radio station. Radyo Migrante, on air since 2007, is a 

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Alyssa Datu, Roy Tugbang and Katharine Reyes

Young Fil-Cans take world performing arts contest by storm

This past July, three young Filipino-Canadians flew to Hollywood, California to represent  Canada at WCOPA (the World Championships of Performing Arts). Alyssa Datu, age  13, Katharine Reyes, age 10, and Roy Tugbang, age 18, joined 5 other members of  Team Canada. All 8 Canadian representatives came home with medals.  Alyssa  received a Bronze and a 

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