Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos

Stopping the Marcoses from erasing their crimes from history

Here is the video and text of my speech on My husband’s lovers: Why Martial Law babies to the present generation love and hate Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, for the  forum sponsored by the University of the Philippines Third World Studies Center. I would like to thank the Third World Studies Center, its director Dr. Ricardo Jose, 

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The United States Military has been well-loved in the Philippines, thanks to the Americanization of our culture and minds that makes us believe America will always help us against foreign invasion.   Photo courtesy of the US Navy

Amboys and the American empire

Some pundits and self-proclaimed Filipino patriots abroad, particularly Filipino-Americans writing in the United States whom we will refer to here as Amboys, are simply satisfied with the orthodoxy of a dictionary definition of sovereignty. To them the Philippines is a sovereign state because it is independent and self-governing, according to the dictionary. But the basic 

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Sugar’s effect on our health is not so sweet

Valentines Day has always been viewed as a day of romance — couples going out to their favorite restaurants, making romantic gestures of extravagant flower arrangements, exchanging gifts of jewelry, giving that someone special a gigantic heart-shaped box of chocolates. It is a sweet gesture to give sweets to show our love but keep in mind that sugar’s effect 

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Tagalog / Pinoy Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines

February is the Love Month, the time to celebrate the Valentine’s Day and celebrating with your special someone.  Some are searching for a partner and someone to date with, but before going anywhere or celebrate it, dont forget to bring this Tagalog / Pinoy Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines for your special someone.  Here’s a 

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AFP counterinsurgency drive inside public schools

In pursuing its counterinsurgency program, dubbed “Oplan Bayanihan,” the Armed Forces of the Philippines has used schools, hospitals, clinics, and religious places in blatant violation of certain national and international laws and conventions. From July 2010 to December 2013, the human rights alliance Karapatan said it had documented 18 cases of minors as victims of 

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OCASI Comments on proposed Citizenship changes

OCASI Comments OCASI has prepared a preliminary analysis of Bill C-24, the Citizenship amendment Act tabled in the House of Commons on Thursday February 6, 2014. We will develop a fuller analysis as we continue to review the Bill and prepare for public comment opportunities through the Parliamentary Standing Committee later in the year. The 

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Building a fast and flexible immigration system

Gov’t to eliminate Investor and Entrepreneur Programs OTTAWA–Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander today welcomed measures in Economic Action Plan (EAP) 2014 to build a faster, more flexible immigration system that makes real contributions to Canada’s long-term prosperity. EAP 2014 announced the government’s intent to terminate the federal Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) and Federal 

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Ontario gives Ottawa an F

More Than 110 Federal Cuts TORONTO–Premier Kathleen Wynne called on the federal government to stop taking unilateral actions that hurt the people of Ontario. In its budget on Feb. 11, the federal government cut $641 million in transfers that help support programs the people of Ontario rely on. This cut is in addition to the 

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March for missing and murdered women on Feb. 14

TORONTO–On February 14th, UFCW Canada activists will join thousands of other women, men and family members in marches and vigils across Canada to remember and honour missing and murdered women. The history of the February 14th Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women dates back to 1991, after an indigenous woman was brutally murdered on 

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Most Current Research on Social Change in Canada

The Philippine Reporter believes that research matters.  Hence, it is publishing information on some of the latest research gems significant to everyone. These studies are lifted from the SPAR (Social Policy Analysis and Research) Monitor, an inventory of recent social research information relevant to social policy. — Editors This bulletin is a quick inventory of 

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