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Juliet Tadeja of Migrante BC reads the statement for IWD

‘We hold half of the sky’

Migrante BC at the Int’l Women’s Day Rally: VANCOUVER, B.C.–It was a huge crowd of women, men, and children that stood by the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery for the International Women’s Day rally to celebrate the gains and struggles of women, across borders, classes, sexual orientation and status. The speeches by women from 

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Tax Tips 2013 (Part 2)

1. Split pension income, save taxes All’s fair in love…and taxes. At least, that’s the way the Canada Revenue Agency seems to see it when it comes to pension income. “Up to 50 per cent of eligible pension income can be transferred between tax returns for spouses or common-law partners,” says Joseph A. Truscott, CPA, 

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Block Rosary marks 35th year

The Block Rosary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be celebrating their 35th Anniversary. This Block Rosary group was formed in 1978 by the families of Ciring De Leon, Ige Santiago, Mrs. Boufart, Ludy Andres, Dina Corpuz, Asing Fenol, Claring Dayot, Lulu Reynoso, Belen Fernandez, Amada Guerrero, Virginia Paz, Villahermosa sisters and Fe Castaneda. 

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Ging Hernandez Fund

Over a year ago, on December 6, 2011, Carmencita “Ging” Hernandez, a veteran human rights activist, passed away. There was an immediate and overwhelming expression of support among Ging’s many friends, the Filipino and other Canadian communities to honor Ging and her long unselfish service to many communities, with a funeral/memorial service. There were also 

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Southern discomfort

Last October 15, 2012, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak were all smiles as they posed for posterity with members of the peace panels for the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) who had just signed their framework agreement for peace. Hopes were high that finally peace 

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Presidential chat

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Knights of Rizal Assembly with Sen. Tobias Enverga, Jr.

Knights of Rizal (Canada Region) Special Assembly with Sen. Tobias Enverga Jr. March 17, 2013, Kalayaan Cultural Community Centre, Mississauga  

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Rollie and Alces with children, Alvin Silverio, Lalaine S. Balatbat and Caroline S. Atkinson

Rollie and Alces Silverio 50th Wedding Anniversary

It was a simple but joyous 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Rollie and Alces (Garcia) Silverio. They attended mass the morning of their special day, and afterwards, received blessings from the parish priest. With daughter Lalaine, they drove to to their favorite Ellen’s Place in Mississauga supposedly to pick by orders to bring home and 

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Santiago who enjoys skateboarding, mixed martial arts (tae kwon do, Brazilian JuiJitsu), lego, science and math, spent his special day tobogganing with friends. He is the son of Derek and Lala Garcia de Vera

Santiago Garcia de Vera turns 10, Feb. 27

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EARTHTALK: Food choices and water usage

  Dear EarthTalk: I heard that my food choices can affect the use and therefore availability of fresh water around the world. How so?–Denise Beck, Washington, DC Our food choices and the availability of fresh water are inextricably linked. The crux of the problem is that human population numbers keep growing—we recently topped seven billion 

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