Rollie and Alces with children, Alvin Silverio, Lalaine S. Balatbat and Caroline S. Atkinson

Rollie and Alces Silverio 50th Wedding Anniversary

It was a simple but joyous 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Rollie and Alces (Garcia) Silverio. They attended mass the morning of their special day, and afterwards, received blessings from the parish priest. With daughter Lalaine, they drove to to their favorite Ellen’s Place in Mississauga supposedly to pick by orders to bring home and 

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Santiago who enjoys skateboarding, mixed martial arts (tae kwon do, Brazilian JuiJitsu), lego, science and math, spent his special day tobogganing with friends. He is the son of Derek and Lala Garcia de Vera

Santiago Garcia de Vera turns 10, Feb. 27

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EARTHTALK: Food choices and water usage

  Dear EarthTalk: I heard that my food choices can affect the use and therefore availability of fresh water around the world. How so?–Denise Beck, Washington, DC Our food choices and the availability of fresh water are inextricably linked. The crux of the problem is that human population numbers keep growing—we recently topped seven billion 

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EARTHTALK: Addressing global food scarcity

Dear EarthTalk: What are the main drivers of food scarcity that lead to so much starvation around the world, and how can they be addressed?–Marjorie Millerton, Provo, UT Food scarcity is a bigger problem than ever as human population numbers continue to swell, putting additional stress on already fragile food production and distribution systems. And 

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PPCO = Principled Press for Camaraderie and Openness

BY HERMIE GARCIA Following is an article I wrote for my campaign for the presidency of the Philippine Press Club of Ontario which held its special elections last March 3. For the readers to have a glimpse on the goings-on in the association, I am reprinting it here. Having won the election, my mandate is 

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PPCO officers and members with ConGen Junever Mahilum-West and Manny Yanga after the elections, March 3, 2013. Inset: Ruben Cusipag.

New leaders elected at PPCO

  TORONTO –The Philippine Press Club of Ontario (PPCO) has a new leadership with the election of Hermie Garcia as president and Rose Tijam as vice president in special elections held Sunday, March 3 at Mayette’s Restaurant on Danforth Ave. Immediately after winning the elections, Garcia and Tijam took their oath of office with Consul 

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Hard issues confront ‘sanctuary city’ policy

By Beatrice S. Paez 200,000 TO 500,000 UNDOCUMENTED MIGRANTS Immigration debates can turn sour, spark heated exchanges and ultimately lead to a political deadlock with no relief in sight. But months of grassroots mobilization clinched a win for non-status immigrants in the ongoing effort to cement Toronto’s status as the country’s first sanctuary city. Last 

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Poblete conferred Knight Grand Cross of Rizal

19TH INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY Sir George R. Poblete, KGCR was awarded the Knight Grand Cross of Rizal (KGCR) by the Supreme Commander Sir Reghis M. Romero II. Sir George was the only recipient on this fifth degree (the highest level in the Order of the Knights of Rizal) in ceremonies held in Baguio, Philippines during the 

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UPAAT to hold job search seminar

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association Toronto is holding a Career Development seminar on March 23, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the North York Civic Centre- committee room #1 , 5100 Yonge Street, North York. An ongoing program of UPAAT, the seminar aims to provide Filipino professionals with appropriate tools to 

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Teachers group career seminar

The Philippine Teachers Association of Canada (PTAC) is sponsoring and conducting its 5th professional development seminar for its member- teachers and other interested Filipino Canadian teachers and educators. The annual free workshop, aptly titled: “Career Search: Interview Skills, Tools  and Networking Strategies for Educators” will be held on March 17, 2013 (Sunday), 12:00 noon – 

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