Dr. Joseph Wong, Toronto ALPHA founder

Shedding light on the real history of WWII

(Following is the speech of Dr. Joseph Wong, Founder of Toronto ALPHA at the November 3 Fundraising Dinner “Metamorphosis,” attended by top educators and decision makers from the three largest school boards in the region. This speech is a summary of Toronto ALPHA’s work and achievements. With countless doors opened by supportive school boards, the 

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Journey in Manila, in the film DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’: EVERYMAN’S JOURNEY, a Cinedigm/ Docurama Films release 2013. Photo courtesy of Ferdie Arquero and Nomota LLC

Arnel Pineda “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey”

Interview with the Director of doc about Filipino lead singer of iconic rock band Journey By Dyan Ruiz The documentary “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” chronicles the fairytale rise of the new Filipino lead singer of the iconic American band, Journey. Arnel Pineda was discovered singing some of the band’s greatest hits like “Don’t Stop 

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CASJ marks milestones

TORONTO–The Community Alliance for Social Justice (CASJ) marks significant milestones in research, education, and advocacy during the past two years (2012-2013) following its successful first Leaders’ Speakers Series at the Leaders’ Gala featuring Minister of Multiculturalism Flor Marcelino in 2011, according to a report on its achievements issued by CASJ’s Executive Committee. CASJ is a 

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TRAVEL: Coron, Palawan travel tips

By Dyan Ruiz and Joseph Smooke Pristine white sand beaches, dramatic limestone cliffs and internationally renowned snorkelling and diving are just some of the reasons people travel great distances to reach Palawan. If you want to experience the most accessible part of this tropical island paradise, here are some travel tips for visiting Coron on 

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Korean comfort women who were rescued and were protected in Lameng, Yunan,
September 3, 1945. Photo courtesy of  the US National Archives.

Burden of remembrance

Asahi Shimbun, a major Japanese national newspaper, reported recently that the Japanese government deliberately avoided the “comfort women” issue in Southeast Asia because of the negative public attention it might generate. The report was based on diplomatic documents the newspaper obtained through Japan’s information disclosure law. When the comfort women issue became hot news in 

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New Asian-Canadian online magazine launched in Toronto

The Origami (theorigami.ca), a first-of-its-kind, online-only magazine devoted to sharing stories that shape the lives of Asian Canadians in Toronto, announced its launch November 1. “We are an online magazine that is Asian + Torontonian + Canadian,” said co-founder and editor, Marites Napa Sison. “Our aim is to make The Origami a gateway to the 

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Jacla with Frank W. Dux, the main character in the movie Blood Sport (Jean- Claude Van Damme)

Jacla inducted at 2013 Int’l Martial Art Hall of Fame

Lito L. Jacla Chief Instructor of Toronto Sikaran Academy located at Bathurst and Wilson, unit 209 and head bouncer at Prestige Club, was inducted on Saturday, Nov. 2, into the 2013 International Martial Art Hall of Fame, together with fellow masters and grand masters from different martial art discipline/style, like the Martial Art legend “superfoot” 

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Pinoys flock to Nova Scotia for consular mission

HALIFAX–Crisaldo Azarias drove three hours from Antigonish just to attend the consular outreach mission of the Philippine embassy in Halifax recently. A native of Laguna, Azarias has been working as a cook in Canada for three years. He is applying for passport renewal. Renewing a passport requires physical appearance at the nearest consulate office for 

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Campaign vs unpaid internship launched

QUEEN’S PARK–On Tuesday (Nov. 5), Students Against Unpaid Internship Scams launched their campaign urging the Ontario government to take action on unpaid internships in a press conference sponsored by Davenport MPP Jonah Schein. “We have launched this campaign because policy lapses and government inaction have created a situation where our friends and classmates are being 

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According to the Climate Institute, the impact of the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was much greater in more developed sections of coastal Thailand where mangrove and coral reef loss preceded the natural disaster.
PHOTO: Alan C., courtesy Flickr

EARTHTALK: Ecosystem Damage from Beach Resorts

Dear EarthTalk: What are the environmental risks associated with beach resorts?– Shine Shoukkathali, via e-mail While they may put up with a lot of stress from wind, waves and weather, beaches and the coastal environments surrounding them are surprisingly fragile. The ecosystems which make up coastal areas have evolved over eons to their current natural 

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