The lovely young-looking 60-year old grandma of four welcomes her senior years with a smile

Ging Garcia’s birthday at Frankie Tomatto’s

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Rose Sornillo is all smiles as she prepares to blow her candle on a mini cake

Rose Sornillo’s birthday at Boston Pizza

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Food myths uncovered

By Kalayaan Garcia De Vera “ You need to drink milk for calcium to grow strong and healthy bones.” False.   Yes, calcium is needed to build strong bones and to prevent diseases like osteoporosis, and although we have been generally told that the best source of calcium is milk and dairy, it is actually the 

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Moms and babies to benefit from new breastfeeding supports

Ontario newborns and their families will soon benefit from enhanced breastfeeding supports, helping ensure that every woman who wants breastfeeding support can get it. Breastfeeding helps to encourage healthy development and can reduce the likelihood of overweight and obesity in adolescence and adulthood. As part of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Strategy, the government is investing more 

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Ergonomics for truck drivers

By Dr. George Traitses Whether it’s long-haul transport or local beverage delivery, truck driving is one of the hardest jobs on the body. Not only are the long hours of sitting hard on truck drivers’ backs, but so are all their other tasks. It is easy to overlook the heavy toll that securing loads, stacking 

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Understand Your Body Mass Index

By Dr. George I. Traitses BMI can be directly related to a person’s risk for many diseases. Knowing your BMI is as important as understanding your cholesterol and blood pressure. Body mass index, or BMI, is important to understanding the health consequences your weight has on your body. Researchers have found that BMI can be 

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There has been considerable talk of how dangerous synthetic sugar substitutes may be for our health, but little evidence of harm has actually come forth and their environmental impacts may be more reason for concern.
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EARTHTALK: Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners

EarthTalk® Dear EarthTalk: I saw an article on sugar’s effects on the environment. Has anyone compared different sweeteners (artificial or natural) for their environmental impacts?–Terri Oelrich, via e-mail The production of sugar has indeed taken a huge environmental toll. “Sugar has arguably had as great an impact on the environment as any other agricultural commodity,” 

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Kris Reyes: Your Morning Host

Taking on challenges with wide-eyed enthusiasm and effervescent charm

Kris Reyes: Co-host of Global News’s The Morning Show (First in a series of Filipino success stories in Canadian mainstream media.) By Beatrice S. Paez A walk for Kris Reyes is a different kind of meditation. There are moments when she finds herself wondering about a passing stranger’s story. Impossibly curious at a young age 

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Director Lav Diaz                                PHOTOS: Courtesy of TIF

A four-hour film that’s an epic fail

Movie Review of Norte: The End of History By Dyan Ruiz When I heard that the Filipino film, Norte: the End of History, is four hours long, I thought there must be something special about it. The scenes must be gripping, the work, a cinematic masterpiece if its director, producer and well, bankrollers think it’s 

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Althea Balmes, Anthony Chen and Jo SiMalaya Alcampo.  PHOTO: J.SMOOKE

A heartwarming film about a Filipino nanny overseas

ILO ILO, a Singaporean entry at TIFF By Dyan Ruiz Even with the thousands of Filipino nannies working around the world including Canada, it’s rare to get insightful glimpses into their stories. The film Ilo Ilo captures in a heartwarming and intimate way, the relationship between a domestic helper and the family she works for. 

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