energy drinks warning

Want to constrict your blood vessels? Grab an energy drink

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com OK, so let’s start with a warning, in case you were confused by the title of this article: You don’t want to constrict your blood vessels. The heart and brain are the primary organs that rely on blood, although every organ in the body requires a steady flow of blood to 

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We all need a regular bedtime

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Most parents put their children to bed at fairly specific times, depending on age: generally sometime between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. until they reach puberty. But what about you? Parents – in fact, all adults – benefit from a consistent sleep time as well. Here’s why: Adults who go to 

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Paypal launches Xoom – fast, secure money remittance service

TORONTO–Today, PayPal launched Xoom, its international money transfer service in Canada. Canadian immigrants can now use Xoom to quickly and securely send money, pay bills and reload phones fast for loved ones living in more than 130 countries globally, including the Philippines. To send money abroad in a few simple steps, download Xoom’s mobile app 

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From left: Jennilee Austria, Eric Tigley (partly hidden), Rachel Chiong, Yves Lamson, Nastasha Alli and Justine Yu. 

Emerging writers on themes of identity and belonging

By Irish Mae Silvestre The Philippine Reporter Self-awareness and identity seemed to be the theme of the evening during the December 7 event, the Filipino-Canadian Writers Book Launch at the Philippine Consulate. Organized in association with Centro Rizal, the consulate general’s cultural hub, it introduced young writers exploring what it means to be caught between 

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Kamayan style

Kabalen: ‘We put our heart and soul in the food’

By Irish Mae Silvestre The Philippine Reporter When Jonald Quinto, 37, answered the phone, he was just wrapping up his daily trip to the supermarket. Quinto is the owner of Kabalen, a six-year-old Kapampangan restaurant that’s been a prominent fixture in the Little Manila dining scene. Yet, despite Kabalen’s success, he’s still very much a 

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Photo credits: Jaskaran Gill, CCR Migrants Forum

Migrant workers speak up in Montreal

Reflections on the Canadian Council for Refugees Migrant Forum By Jesson Reyes Last November 25 representatives from the Migrants Resource Centre Canada (MRCC) attended the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) Migrant Forum held in Montreal, Quebec. It was a full-day meeting of several stakeholders working to advance the rights and dignity of migrant workers in 

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Shut out of Canadian Parliament… again

The Trudeau Liberals could have chosen to replace the late Filipino-Canadian Senator Enverga with another Filipino or Filipina Liberal Senator. But the Filipino-Canadian community gets shut out of another Parliament – again. Our beloved Sen Enverga’s Senate seat will not be replaced with another Filipino-Canadian By José Victor ‘Jayvee’ Salameña The Federal Liberals enamored us 

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Intensify fight against forced migration and commodification of migrants

MIGRANTE CANADA ON INTERNATIONAL MIGRANTS DAY Migrants around the world cannot be blinded by another futile move masquerading as a tool to protect migrant rights and migration around the world. On December 11, 164 states around the world including Canada adopted The Global Compact for a Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, under the auspices of 

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Photo: Children Internationale

10 uniquely Filipino Christmas traditions

No one celebrates the Yuletide season better than the Filipinos! Resilient, jubilant and charming, Pinoys are known all over the world for their long, lavish, animated and one-of-a-kind holiday season celebrations. Although our motherland doesn’t have a wintry backdrop that echoes a quintessential Christmas feel, the Yuletide season is still very much alive all over 

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Migrante Christmas

Migrante Canada held this year’s traditional Christmas Party Dec. 15, with over a hundred members and guests packing a North York party room. It featured lots of food, gifts, games and a lot of celebratory greetings. In attendance was the Concepcion family – Gemma and Rico — and their two daughters – for whom Migrante 

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