Ivy is Incredible

By Viviene Lotilla-Dela Cruz Who would’ve thought that this petite lady with such a small frame could give off such a strong, powerful voice that wonderfully hits those shrill, high notes? I was thinking along that line as I watched Ivy Joy Maniquiz in her recent concert, ‘Ivy Joy and Friends’, singing her heart out to Dianne Reeves’ ‘Better Days’. This former ABS-CBN kapamilya who moved to Toronto a 

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Upside and downside of the national economy

By Satur C. Ocampo As expected, President Aquino and his economic team wax euphoric over the official report that the national economy expanded by 6.6% in 2012, from 3.9% growth rate in 2011. “It is a resounding affirmation of the Aquino administration’s fiscal strategy, backed as it is by our robust macroeconomic fundamentals and more 

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Pets ingest pollutants and pesticide residues and breathe in an array of indoor air contaminants just like children do -- and since they develop and age seven or more times faster than children, pets develop health problems from exposures much faster. PHOTO: Hemera Collection

EARTHTALK: Some tips for Keeping dogs and cats healthy

Dear EarthTalk: What are some tips for keeping my dogs and cats healthy?– Kim Newfield, via e-mail Believe it or not, our pets may be exposed to more harsh chemicals through the course of their day than we are. Researchers at the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that pet dogs and cats were contaminated 

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Poor indoor air quality is an often overlooked health issue. Recent research has shown that the air inside some buildings can be more polluted than the outdoor air in the most industrialized of cities. PHOTO: iStockPhoto

EARTHTALK: Allergies and unhealthy indoor air

Dear EarthTalk: My family has bad allergies and I’d like to improve our indoor air quality. What are some steps I should take?– Marcia Lane, Scranton, PA Even for those of us without allergies, poor indoor air quality is an often overlooked health issue. Recent research has shown that the air inside some buildings can 

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Tips for Healthy Aging

Dr. George Traitses The number of people living longer is increasing dramatically. An estimated 5 million Canadian and U.S. residents now fall into the age group of the “oldest old”—85 years and older—with more than 40,000 having reached the age of 100. In fact, centenarians (those 100 and older) are the fastest-growing subpopulation of the 

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Dispelling myths about hepatitis C

Are the myths about hepatitis C endangering your health? You have hepatitis C? Impossible, you say. But you may be wrong. That’s because there are assumptions made about the virus, spread through blood-to-blood contact, that are incorrect. Dispelling those myths about hepatitis C could be a life-saver. Here are the facts: Myth #1: There’s a 

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Immigration Minister Jason Kenney

The long wait for citizenship

By Dyan Ruiz “I’ve waited now for 13 months and I still have three years to go. It’s hard to believe!” said Lu Cheng, a business owner and resident of Canada referring to her wait-time for processing her citizenship application. When Cheng took her citizenship test in November 2011, she did not bring her old 

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Filipino-Canadian Youth Dating

By Dyan Ruiz With Valentine’s Day just behind us, The Philippine Reporter is looking back to when the dating world opened up (or didn’t) for Filipino-Canadian youth. We asked an assortment of Filipino-Canadians to tell us about their first dating experiences. Since casual dating is often frowned upon in the Philippines, many Filipino-Canadian youth find 

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Engage in politics, not frivolities

By Joe Rivera our months from now, the Filipino community in Toronto will be abuzz again with festivals commemorating Philippine Independence Day. Filipinos will come out in droves to join the parades of beauties and beasts, the latter being roasted pigs or lechons. In addition to parades, there will also be singing and dancing contests, 

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Illegal movie downloading and piracy of DVD content

Canada’s anti-piracy law penalizes:         The Philippines is the single largest source country of immigrants and migrants in Canada at present. With almost one million Filipinos spread across the country, they are a significant consumer sector that product, entertainment, and service providers strive to attract and pursue. As this consumer sector grows, 

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