Karasa, Celebrating Catbalogan’s Culinary Traditions

Editor: Charo Nabong-Cabardo, Rene B. Nachura Writers: Charo Nabong-Cabardo, Nestor Nachura, Rene Nachura, Kalayaan Cabardo Book Design and Layout: Anna Teresa Cabardo Lozano Photographers: Eamon Cinco, Ryan Nachura, Joseph Balisacan, Nelson Petilla, Charo Nabong-Cabardo Food Stylist: Aby Nachura Project Coordinator: Conchita Nachura “Karasa” means “delicious” in the Samarnon language. Aptly, this is the title of 

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A good functioning digestive system is essential to good health

By Kalayaan Garcia de Vera People who suffer from unexplained headaches, constant bloating, heartburn, listlessness or lack of energy, and interrupted sleep always tend to think they have a serious illness. They then try to treat each symptom as an ailment singularly caused by one organ’s malfunction, so to speak.  We know however that our 

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PCCF at the Caribbean Carnival

Feeling Hot Hot Hot One of the experiences of a lifetime for Miss Philippines Canada, Caitlin Pantaleon, Mrs. Philippines Canada, Chona Stinson and 1st runner up Miss Philippines Canada, Jurice Encarnacion had the opportunity to participate and were once again the PCCF Ambassadors. The delegation was led by PCCF Officers, Noemi & Primo Milanes, Fe 

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Understanding war, separatism and Islam in Mindanao, PART II

By Karina Francisco Given the centuries-long history of massacre, land appropriation, displacement, and political-economic subjection of Muslims in the Philippines, it is imprudent to identify any single event that provoked Muslim separatism in Mindanao; although, one event can be seen as catalytic. The Jabidah Massacre In 1968, President Marcos recruited a group of young Muslims 

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Caña with Dr. Vickie and Ed Navarra

Lilac Caña sings for Michigan med foundation

Music for Medical Missions: By Ching Breta-Ancheta Toronto-based, acclaimed Filipino-Canadian soprano Lilac Caña wowed audiences in Warren, Michigan, in her concert, “A Summer Serenade with Lilac Caña”. Proceeds from this successful fundraiser will benefit the Phil-Am Medical Mission Foundation of Michigan (PAMMFM)’s upcoming project to take place February 1-8, 2014 in Gubat, Sorsogon, Philippines. Invited 

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40th DAY MEMORIAL SERVICE for Asuncion Guadalupe Covacha 
was organized by the Leyteños Association of Ontario on Sunday Aug. 18 at Our Lady of Peace Church in Etobicoke, ON.

40th DAY MEMORIAL SERVICE for Asuncion Guadalupe Covacha

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Serena Garcia de Vera marked her 13th birthday with friends at Canada’s Wonderland with friends, (front from left): Madeleine, Malaika, birthday girl, Monique, Pauliana, (back from left): Kelise, Maribella, Mercedes.


Serena turns13! ——————- Miles turns 2! ————————- Romy Zetazate turns 70!

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Book with TICO Travel agents to protect your money

As you prepare to book summer travel, the Travel Industry Council of Ontario advises you to book with Ontario travel agencies registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario to guarantee that your travel dollars are protected and you can get help from a professional should anything go wrong. “You can search the net and 

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Cyanide fishing began in the 1960s in the Philippines as a way to capture live reef fish for sale primarily to aquarium owners, but is today also done to supply specialty restaurants in Hong Kong and other large Asian cities. Pictured: The ocellaris clownfish, a popular aquarium fish often captured after first being stunned by bursts of cyanide-laced seawater squirted from a plastic bottle.
PHOTO: Metatron

EARTHTALK: Cyanide fishing

Dear EarthTalk: I heard of a practice called cyanide fishing, which is used mostly to collect aquarium specimens, but I understand it is also used to catch fish we eat. Isn’t this very unhealthy?- Phil Seymour, Albany, NY Cyanide fishing, whereby divers crush cyanide tablets into plastic squirt bottles of sea water and puff the 

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William Rees of the University of British Columbia reports that human society is in a “global overshoot,” consuming 30 percent more material than is sustainable from the world’s resources. Pictured: A “Buy Nothing Day” activist leaflets in San Francisco.
PHOTO: Steve Rhodes

EARTHTALK: Our destructive consumer culture

Dear EarthTalk: I don’t hear much about the environmental impacts of our consumer culture any more, but it seems to me that our “buy, buy, buy” mentality is a major contributor to our overuse of energy and resources. Are any organizations addressing this issue today?-– M. Oakes, Miami, FL There is no doubt true that 

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