Most Earth scientists agree that future sea levels will rise at a greater pace than during the last 50 years. Coastal communities will suffer the most, as flooding from rising water levels will force millions of people out of their homes. Pictured: flooding in Marblehead, Massachusetts caused by Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012.
PHOTO: The Berkes

EARTHTALK: Sea level rises not letting up anytime soon

EarthTalk® Dear EarthTalk: Hurricane Sandy brought more sea water onto shorelines than I’d ever witnessed before and many communities near where I live are now being required to raise their homes up. What is the prognosis for sea level rise in the years immediately ahead? –Scott P., Fairfield, CT Since sea level measurements were first 

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Caregiver with terminal cancer raises money to see son

By Dyan Ruiz A caregiver with terminal cancer is raising money to bring her son from the Philippines so she can be with him in Canada. Edna Aldovino left the Philippines when her son was five years old to work abroad in 1999. Since then, she has worked in four countries to support her son, 

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Ruben Cusipag writes 30

Pictures from the past

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∞ By Voltaire de Leon

Ode to the Tarsier

∞ By Voltaire de Leon Tarsier vs. Pusit. Yeah, that’s me up there. A  tarsier.  After that infestigative  journalist – or as my Latino friend pronounces it ‘whorenalist’ — called my friends tarsiers in his pathetic attempt to ridicule them, I decided I’m a tarsier, too.  He – wasisname –, stupidly, gives us the greatest 

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Saving a life is never stupid

By Joe Rivera I’ve just been reading a scathing comment in a social-political forum criticizing the Philippine government’s intervention in the forthcoming execution by China of a Filipino woman caught entering the country with 6.171 kilos of heroin. In China, possession of 50 grams of drugs is punishable by the death penalty, usually carried out 

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Celebrating collective diversity on Canada Day

By Justin Trudeau This year on Canada Day I attended a citizenship ceremony in Toronto where many new Canadians swore allegiance to their new country. Watching the ceremony, I was reminded that Canada’s new citizens have been central to our success and story. I was reminded of one of our earliest Prime Ministers, Sir Wilfred 

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For 2013: Lacaba is the U.P. Gawad Plaridel awardee

The University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2013 U.P. Gawad Plaridel in the person of MR. JOSE F. LACABA, also known as PETE LACABA. Mr. Lacaba has put his considerable writing and communication skills, despite perils to his life, in the service of the Filipino 

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The cast of “Burgos.”
(Photo courtesy of Heaven’s Best Entertainment / bulatlat.com)

‘Burgos’: A film about the painful search and inspiring transformation of a mother

How many more mothers would have to shed tears before justice prevails? By RONALYN V. OLEA Bulatlat.com “Burgos” is probably the most courageous Filipino film in recent years. Based on the true story of a closely-knit family, beautifully written by Ricardo Lee, “Burgos” takes the audience to the most important scenes of almost six years 

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UP Alumni had the biggest delegation to the yearly Summerfest games of the Philippine College and University Alumni Associations (PCUAA).

PCUAA Summerfest, July 7, 2013 at Mississauga Valley Park

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CHIN Picnic at the CNE

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