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Teach your kids to #NeverForget: children’s books about Martial Law

According to MomCenter Philippines, in order for children to remember the most meaningful events in our history, the teaching needs to come from parents. Start with giving the kids a picture of what life used to be under the dictatorship of the late kleptocrat Ferdinand Marcos and the reason why people were so eager to 

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In vivid purple, SEIU Healthcare came out loud to show how serious the fight for pay equity rights of workers in predominantly-female public-sector workplaces.

Toronto Labour Day Parade 2019 Pictorial by Ysh Cabana

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Lilac prepares to cut her cake. As a singer, she also performs for environmental and social justice causes.

Lilac Caña celebrates 50th birthday with dinner concert

Lilac Caña, popular professional singer and community volunteer, celebrated her 50th birthday with a dinner-concert for family and friends on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2019. The event was hosted by Mila and Oswald Magno in their lovely home in Mississauga, Ontario. Caña performed her favorite songs with the accompaniment of musician friends who were among her 

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LBC keeps on moving with Pinoys in Canada

LBC participated in the ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor) Walk held recently at David Pecaut Square. ANCOP is a non-profit organization founded by Couples for Christ (CFC). The walk aims to raise awareness on the plight of the poor and offer opportunities for others to help. The annual ANCOP Walk is ANCOP Canada’s signature event for fundraising 

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Headaches: Drugless solutions

By Julie Engebretson ToYourHealth.com Looking for an effective solution to those nagging headaches without all the side effects associated with medications? Try chiropractic care. Blame it on stress, poor sleep or genes, headaches are a painful part of life for many Americans. Severe, chronic headache is one of the most common sources of pain, interfering 

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The power of the nap

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Think the benefits of napping go away once you outgrow childhood? Think again. Not only can naps help you catch up on lost sleep and provide a much-needed “break” from your busy day; they also help your heart stay healthy. Here’s how. People who take naps 1-2 times a week have 

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ice President Leni Ribredo
(Photo: Mari-Len De Guzman)

PH VP Leni Robredo touts: The economic impact of gender equality

By Mari-Len De Guzman Special for The Philippine Reporter Empowering women and pursuing gender inclusion will lead to economic prosperity among nations, Philippine Vice-President Leni Robredo told a group of international government and business leaders at this year’s Toronto Global Forum, held in Toronto September 4 to 6. Robredo was among the international speakers at 

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Why Negros?

By Rosario Guzman IBON.org (This article was originally published in the January-March 2019 issue of the Karapatan Monitor at the heels of a spate of killings of farmers and rights defenders in Negros) All over the Philippines, 207 peasants have already been killed as of March 31 since the start of the Duterte administration – 

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Graphic: Michael Villanueva

Probing the invisible multi-billion ‘black budget’

Marjohara Tucay Altermidya Intelligence: This is what the Duterte administration apparently wants to increase next year. Or so reveals the 2020 proposed national budget. Next year, the Office of the President is seeking to almost double the budget of its intelligence and confidential funds, for a combined total of P4.5 billion (US$86.7 million), from the 

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Hinggil sa panununog ng PW print issues sa Pandi, Bulacan

Pinoy Weekly/PinoyMedia Center Itinuturing ito bilang bahagi ng tumitinding klima ng panunupil at pasismo sa bansa, kung saan sinumang nagiging kritikal sa nasa kapangyarihang rehimen ay sinusupil, tinatakot at dinadahas. Itinuturing namin ang nabalitang pagsunog sa libu-libong kopya ng Pinoy Weekly na nakalagak sa subscriber naming komunidad ng mga maralitang nag-okupa ng tiwangwang na pampublikong 

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