Manny Pacquiao v Keith Thurman

Pacquiao makes case for Fight of the Year, Fighter of the Year

By Roy Luarca Stalling aging once again, the 40-year-old Manny Pacquiao continues to grow his legend with a convincing beating of Keith Thurman LOS ANGELES, USA–The Manny Pacquiao legend knows no bounds. Already a sure Hall of Famer, Pacquiao climbed further in the ladder of boxing greats with a convincing beating of the previously untouchable 

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Prices still higher now than start of Duterte admin

By IBON Media Research group IBON said that while June inflation has slowed, the prices of basic food items are still higher, especially when compared to prices at the start of the Duterte administration. The wages and incomes of many Filipinos are unable to keep up with the high prices. The group said that food 

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Panel submits report on tax support for Canadian media

TORONTO–The Journalism and Written Media Independent Panel of Experts has submitted its final report and recommendations to the Government of Canada to assist with the equitable and effective implementation of tax measures in support of Canadian journalism, as outlined in the 2019 federal budget. The report provides guidance to determine which journalism organizations qualify for 

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Tax bill an increasing burden for Canadian families

By Jake Fuss and Finn Poschmann The Fraser Institute © Troy Media The cost of living was the number one concern for a third of all Canadians surveyed, according to a recent poll. And rising taxes contribute significantly to those costs A recent CBC News poll reported that the cost of living is one of 

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Regent Park Pinoys mark Heritage Month

On Friday, June 28th a resident-led community group in Regent Park celebrated Filipino Heritage month. The outdoor picnic event was attended by a few dozen families from the Regent Park neighbourhood. The organizers opened the event with the singing of “Lupang Hinirang,” the Philippine national anthem, followed by the Canadian national anthem, “O Canada.” Mary Ann Kalalang, 

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Climate change: Greater risk for older adults

By John Muscedere and George Heckman Canadian Frailty Network TroyMedia.com We need to plan better to protect vulnerable seniors from the impact of climate change An elderly man in Ottawa spent most of last winter snowed in, unable to leave his home, surviving on canned food. Last summer, 54 people died as a result of 

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From left: Joe Zhang (FreshLand Manager), City Councillor Cynthia Lai, Deputy Mayor of Toronto and Councillor Michael Thompson, Toronto Mayor John Tory, Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen, guests, Xiao He (FreshLand Manager) and MP Shaun Chen.

Public officials visit FreshLand Supermarket

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Don’t medicate your empathy away

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Taking acetaminophen (common brand name: Tylenol, but also found in a variety of multi-ingredient medications including Excedrin) may make you feel less pain (although it won’t address the cause of your pain), but it also may blunt your feelings in general, particularly empathy: the ability to feel or understand what another 

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Red meat

More red meat = Higher death risk

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com We’re talking about red meat and recent research that implicates increased red meat consumption with increased risk of mortality. Among more than 80,000 U.S. men and women who participated in the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, increases in meat consumption over an eight-year period increased the risk 

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New chance for permanent residency 

But migrant workers groups want ‘Landed Status Now’ By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter Canada launched two new pilots that will help caregivers who come to this country make it their permanent home. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the Home Child Care Provider Pilot (HCCPP) and Home Support Worker Pilot (HSWP), which opened for applications 

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