Vinusha Gunaseelan

Let’s lift all Canadians out of poverty

TROY MEDIA–A basic income guarantee has been back in the news a lot lately, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and other tech giants who have publicly endorsed the concept. But it’s not just talk in Canada. Ontario is piloting a basic income across three cities, Quebec has brought in a basic income 

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By Sheila Block

$15 minimum wage or a tax cut: what are the trade-offs?

BehindTheNumbers.ca In the lead up to the June 7th election in Ontario, the minimum wage continues to be a hot button issue. Both the provincial Liberals and the NDP have committed to increase the minimum wage from $14 this year to $15 an hour on January 1, 2019. But the new leader of the Ontario 

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Book cover

Was FBI involved in the cover-up?

Families and friends of slain anti-Marcos activists want answers SEATTLE, Wash.–Friends and family of slain anti-Marcos activists Gene Viernes and Silme Domingo delivered a petition this week to the Seattle Office of the FBI, asking FBI officials to come clean on the U.S. Government’s role in the cover-up of their assassinations in 1981 and open 

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TPR annual turnover to Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library TPR is the only Canadian ethnic community newspaper with its 29-year collection of print copies archived at the library.
From left: Voltaire de Leon, Rick Esguerra, Lui Queaño, Hermie Garcia, David Fernandez, 
Mila Astorga-Garcia, Patty Rivera and Leslie Gesell (not in photo, Ysh Cabana).

TPR turns over 2017 issues to Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

The Philippine Reporter held the annual turnover of its latest print issues to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library to update its entire print collection of the semi-monthly newspaper now covering 29 years. The turnover, which was attended by the newspaper editors and staff, and members of the Filipino Canadian Writers and Journalists Network (FC-WJNet), 

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PUBLISHED WORKS of FC-WJNet members: Books of poems by Patty Rivera (Puti/White) and daughter Rani Rivera (All Violet); anthology of Filipino women’s writings (Filipina 1, Fiipina 2) co-edited by Mila Astorga-Garcia; biography of Armando Malay co-authored by Marites Sison; two Anthologies of Filipino writings, edited by Pet Cleto (Akdaan 1, Akdaan 2); Anthology (Diasporic Intimacies) co-edited by Robert Diaz; From Prison to Diaspora, Selected Writings by Hermie Garcia; Engkwentro, book of poems by Lui Queaño; contributed writings to anthologies, journals and newspapers by Ysh Cabana and Rick Esguerra; contributions to The Philippine Reporter by Jennilee Austria, Rachel Evangeline Chiong, Irish Mae Silvestre and Miclelle Chermaine Ramos, among others.

Writers and journalists to launch network

The Filipino Canadian Writers and Journalists Network (FC-WJNet), an organization of writers – literary and non-literary – and journalists, is holding its formal launch on Friday, April 20, 2018, at Wilson Hall, University of Toronto. FC-WJNet was formed in September last year when a group of like-minded writers and journalists committed to support one another 

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Sol P

Activist Filipina caregiver heads migrants group in Canada

By NDC Bulatlat.com Edmonton, Alberta – Sol’s heart for the poor and downtrodden did not lose flame throughout these years. It had always found her wherever she was – from her native Iloilo City, to Hong Kong and finally in Toronto, Canada. Fifty-year old Maria Sol Pajadura was elected the new chairperson of Migrante Canada 

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Filipino Heritage Month-02 Edmonton

‘To put the community in the map’

Filipino heritage month spreads across Canada By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter Some Alberta Filipinos urge the month of September to be declared Philippine-Canadian Heritage Month in the Canadian province. Organizers of Calgary-based Fiesta Filipino annual cultural festival submitted their petition Saturday March 17. Senior adviser Dolly Castillo made the official announcement as the group 

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Stranger than fiction: notes on Citizen Jake

By Erika Cruz ManilaToday.net In 1941, a film titled Citizen Kane (dir. Orson Welles) told the story of a reporter trying to uncover the meaning behind the titular character’s dying word. As he embarks on his search for answers, he discovers a complex personality and his rise from obscurity to affluence before dying a rich 

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‘Fake’ Tanggal-Bulok just a repackaged jeepney phaseout – transport strikers

By Marya Salamat Bulatlat.com MANILA – The jeepney drivers’ strike held yesterday in Metro Manila and some urban centers outside of the capital focused its attention on condemning the Duterte administration’s “Tanggal-bulok, Tanggal-usok” campaign. They described the campaign as just a new name for the jeepney phaseout scheme, which the Duterte administration is now implementing 

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Satur Ocampo

No China ‘co-ownership’ of Philippines marine resources

Last week President Duterte announced that his administration was considering China’s offer to jointly explore an undisputed Philippine territory for potential energy deposits. He was referring to an area off Busuanga, Palawan and the Recto Bank in the West Philippine Sea (WPS), within the country’s 370-kilometer exclusive economic zone (EEZ) over which we have sovereign 

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