TRAIN-induced price increases are permanent—IBON

The inflation spike marks the start of increases​ driven by the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN)​ in the prices of basic goods and services for the next three years, research group IBON said. Further inflationary surges are likely to happen in 2019 and 2020 when the next two rounds of additional taxes on 

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IBON-poor quality work

Poor-quality work increased amid economic growth–IBON

First quarter economic growth this year did not translate to better jobs for Filipinos, research group IBON said. This means that despite government claims that the groundwork for reforms has been laid, growth has remained essentially exclusionary, generating jobs that are insecure and low-paying, said the group. Socio-Economic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia recently announced the 

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Photo: Dennis Hastings

June 12 is Filipino Heritage Day and June is Filipino Heritage Month

The photo was taken at the Catholic Education Centre after the Toronto Catholic District School Board -TCDSB, Canada’s largest Catholic school district, passed the Historic Motion declaring June 12 as “Filipino Heritage Day” and June as “Filipino Heritage Month” starting this year, in all Catholic secondary and elementary schools in Toronto. The Official Proposal and 

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Featineans celebrate spring rites with a social fundraiser

By Tony A. San Juan Springtime, seasonally, is really a good time for enjoying the weather shift and bringing respite to the chilly long nights of winter. Thus, The Featineans Association of Canada -TFAT, together with its officers, members, friends and guests in the Greater Toronto Area aptly converged and celebrated the rites of spring 

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Your baby’s medication may lead to childhood allergies

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com No parent wants a child to develop allergies to any food or substance, but sometimes it happens outside of anyone’s control. The tendency to develop allergies is often hereditary, passed from parents to offspring. But the risk of suffering an allergy can certainly be reduced. Here’s a risk-reduction story all parents 

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Elderly Fitness: Good for the brain

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com Staying fit during your golden years doesn’t just have physical benefits, such as a reduced risk of suffering a debilitating fall. An increasing body of evidence links fitness with a healthy brain as we age. The latest evidence: a study published in Scientific Reports that found elderly men and women with 

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Counting calories just got easier

By Editorial Staff ToYourHealth.com When it comes to weight loss, calories are your best friend and worst enemy, depending on how you look at it. That’s because the amount of calories you consume versus how many you burn determines whether you lose or gain weight, pure and simple. Consume high-calorie foods all day, and you’ll 

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P1_InMyMotherTongue_01 - Group

Filipino Immigrant stories transform into poetry performance

In My Mother Tongue: By Rachel Evangeline Chiong The Philippine Reporter In the past weeks newly immigrated Filipino youth have found a home in The Koffler Centre’s “In My Mother Tongue” program. The unique showcase this past Sunday of the youth’s creative work was a result of the program’s careful cultivation to create a place 

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Ube Cupcakes

Filipino desserts get a modern makeover

The Sweet Spot By Irish Mae Silvestre The Philippine Reporter It all started with an idea as small as a macaron. When business owners Susan Perras, 39, and Rechie Valdez, 37, met it was like kismet. They had both been running their own businesses out of The Cake Collective, a 4,500 sq ft commercial kitchen 

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Nanay Julita

Pain, frustration, desperate desire for justice

FILM REVIEW: Call Her Ganda at Hot Docs By Althea Manasan The Philippine Reporter In 2014, a transgender Filipina woman was found brutally murdered in a motel room in Olongapo City. Weeks later, when a U.S. Marine stationed in the port city is accused of the crime, the case is thrust into the international spotlight, 

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