Superior Court rules: FCT board ‘lacks degree of legitimacy’

TORONTO–The Filipino Centre Toronto (FCT) may have “lost its way,” but a recent court ruling has given the beleaguered organization a new chance at redeeming itself. In a decision by Superior Court Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz, the two opposing parties – the incumbent FCT board of directors on one side and some former FCT officials 

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Pinoy voters voice election views

They say in a democratic society, the people get the kind of leaders they deserve. You can whine and moan about the politicians of this country, but the reality is, one way or another, every citizen is responsible. The Philippine Reporter took to the streets and asked members of the Filipino community who have earned 

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A tale of two governments

Well, the mudslinging and name-calling are almost over. Soon, Parliament will welcome its newest set of occupants. By the time this paper hits the streets, we’ll be on our way to the polling stations to cast our votes and decide which political party can best represent the Canadian democratic society – for after the big 

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Courts intervene on FCT row

TORONTO–It seems the courts had to intervene in the FCT controversy, after all. Certain members of the Filipino Centre-Toronto (FCT) headed by former FCT director Dr. Francisco Portugal filed and was granted by the Ontario Superior Court a restraining order against the holding of a general membership meeting on November 2. The lawyers representing Portugal’s 

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Martin Nievera makes merry music at the Metro

TORONTO–Filipinos love to laugh. That’s why when Martin Nievera came to this city recently for a one-night show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s John Bassett Theatre, hundreds came to watch the Philippine concert king. And much of the reason was because Martin could easily put on a really amusing show. It doesn’t take much 

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FCT auditor speaks out, stands by his findings

TORONTO–Halloween is still weeks away, but it seems members of the Filipino Centre Toronto (FCT) board of directors may have played a trick that audit committee chair Julito Longkines did not find particularly funny. Longkines was referring to a press statement issued recently which basically states the FCT board’s unwavering support for its president, Rosalinda 

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FCT execs face libel suit

TORONTO – Officials of the Filipino Centre Toronto will soon be facing libel charges from former FCT officer Dr. Francisco Portugal for alleged “false and defamatory statements” contained in an article published in Filipino community newspaper Balita last September. Portugal said a Notice of Libel was served recently to FCT naming all 15 board members 

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Audit aftermath: Disgruntled FCT members want election

TORONTO – Filipino Centre-Toronto (FCT) Chairperson Dr. Victoria Santiago has decided to grant a petition from some members to hold a general membership meeting, an FCT source told The Philippine Reporter. By granting such petition, the FCT board may have prevented the Provincial Court from intervening on the matter. In a letter dated Sept. 21, 

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Audit report probes FCT president, hubby

TORONTO – The leadership of community group Filipino Centre Toronto (FCT) may have engaged in certain questionable transactions and disbursements, according to findings from a recent FCT internal audit report. One of the issues raised by the July 27, 2005 audit findings was a series of reimbursements to Felino Javier, husband of FCT president and 

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Justice for Jeffrey mass action: Rally presses for inquest

TORONTO – The office of the chief coroner of Ontario has yet to deliver on its promise to conduct an inquest into last year’s fatal shooting of Jeffrey Reodica, and the teen’s family and supporters are getting frustrated. Their dissatisfaction was voiced out during a recent rally commemorating Jeffrey’s one-year fatal shooting anniversary, held in 

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