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Good faith or arrogance?

So much has been said about good faith as a valid defence to President Aquino’s illegal redistribution of government funds under the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) which was recently declared unconstitutional by the Philippine Supreme Court. This promises a long and continuing government intramural between the executive and judicial branches, for as long as the 

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July 2014 Pinoy Fiesta

What is Filipino?

A friend I met during the Pinoy Fiesta & Trade Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre last June 28 shared with me an interesting story about this Canadian whom he invited to the same event last year. After watching with quite subdued interest the song-and-dance routines of young Filipino talents on stage, and of 

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Trouble in the diaspora

By Joe Rivera A malicious and hideous blog that goes by the title of Blood Stained Singapore has become the bane of the Filipino diaspora in the prosperous and sovereign city-state and island nation in Southeast Asia. Catching fire in blogger traffic, the sensationalist post has been viewed 529,301 times and shared in social media 

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Budget Secretary Florencio Abad and President Benigno Aquino III.

Looking bad

  Uncomplicated mind: By Joe Rivera As if allegations of being the mentor to the pork barrel queen are not enough to make him look bad, news of Budget Secretary Florencio Abad’s total number of 11 family members in government can’t even budge him from his enviable position of the President’s closest and most trusted 

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Copy of the signed Napoles' List.

Swindlers’ list

Everybody knows a swindler, a dishonest person who cheats by very clever means in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages through pretense or deception. The swindler is a bilk, bilker, cheat, cheater, defrauder, dodger, fakir, finagler, fraudster, hoaxer, phony, plotter, rascal, rogue, scammer, scamster, schemer, skinner, tricker, and a wheeler-dealer. Janet Napoles, the 

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Basically slave labour

Oftentimes, news coming from the establishment is not really as encouraging as they sound or as good as they intend to be. Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander recently announced that Canada has issued more than 47,000 visitor visas to Filipino visitors in 2013, an increase of 57 percent since 2006 and a record 

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Great enemies - former US President George W. Bush and Al Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden

Inventing the enemy

Noted semiotician, philosopher, medievalist and author of The Prague Cemetery, The Name of the Rose and Foucault’s Pendulum, Umberto Eco once wrote: “When there is no enemy, we have to invent one.” Eco considers the enemy as important in defining our identity and in providing us with an obstacle to test our value system, because 

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Top leaders of the Communist Party of the Philippines, Benito Tiamzon and his
wife Wilma Austria raise their fists in defiance on their way to their hastily
arranged inquest in Manila after being arrested in Cebu last March 22.

Negotiating in bad faith

In his novel, The Dogs of War (1974), Frederick Forsyth wrote about a group of mercenary soldiers hired to depose a fictional government in Africa. Forsyth called this group the dogs of war, much like the wild pack of soldiers Shakespeare referred to in his play, Julius Caesar. But when the Philippine military named the 

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Professor Sheila S. Coronel, Director of  the Toni Stabile Center of Investigative Journalism of the University of Columbia, discusses how journalists and supporters of the Kiev protests gathered  and disseminated information against former Ukraine President Yanukovych that led to his downfall. 
Photo courtesy of PPCO

Watchdog reporting & gotcha journalism

The works of investigative journalists have enabled the porousness of today’s social media or the Internet in general in creating a virtually open source community. Professor Sheila S. Coronel, Director of the Toni Stabile Center of Investigative Journalism of Columbia University, led an afternoon of interactive and interesting conversation last March 18 at the University 

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A rally backing Russia in Sevastopol in Crimea. Photo by Viktor Drachev/
Agence-France-Presse--Getty Images.

America’s duplicity

The current crisis in Ukraine, or more particularly in the Crimean peninsula, has become a conundrum that is both as old and as new as the issue of self-determination. To the United States and Europe, Crimea is but a smokescreen for Russian invasion. Sevastopol in Crimea is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet since 1783, 

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