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Satur Ocampo

Is martial law extension constitutionally justified?

Upon President Duterte’s behest, the Senate and the House in joint session last Wednesday voted to again extend martial law and suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in the whole of Mindanao. This third extension will remain until December 31, 2019. The vote was 235 yes, 28 no, 1 abstention. No doubting 

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Satur Ocampo

Duterte: Delay peace talks, ‘engage’ the public first

In April, President Duterte called for resuming the GRP-NDFP peace talks he had arbitrarily “terminated” in November. Saying it’s the “last chance” for achieving peace with the Left revolutionary movement, he gave the two sides 60 days to undertake informal/backchannel discussions to pave the ground for the fifth round of formal negotiations, which he had 

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01 UST PCUAA 2018 Champions

PCUAA Summerfest 2018

June 9 at Mississauga Valley Park Photos: Rene Sevilla

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Satur Ocampo

At 79, I must still confront political persecution

Today I turned 79 years old. Nothing remarkable about that, except that at my age I’m still being subjected to public political persecution by the state authorities. And this has been my situation, on and off, off and on, for the past 42 years. Yes, for more than half of my life. Four years ago 

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Satur Ocampo

No China ‘co-ownership’ of Philippines marine resources

Last week President Duterte announced that his administration was considering China’s offer to jointly explore an undisputed Philippine territory for potential energy deposits. He was referring to an area off Busuanga, Palawan and the Recto Bank in the West Philippine Sea (WPS), within the country’s 370-kilometer exclusive economic zone (EEZ) over which we have sovereign 

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A conspiracy specter, retreat from peace talks

By Satur C. Ocampo Sensing that his ground base of support has been softening, President Duterte is conjuring a specter of conspiracy to oust him from power. Growing more bilious and truculent towards those whom he accuses of scheming to besmirch him with allegations of corruption, or who staunchly stand up to his blusterings 

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Satur Ocampo

The unending wars: Part of Obama legacy

In his farewell speech on Tuesday, US President Barack Obama tried to project confidence in America’s future, while saying economic inequality, racism, and closed-mindedness threaten national unity. He pledged to support his successor, Donald Trump, in face of the widespread fears expressed over how the volatile political outlier could mishandle the superpower’s problems and affairs. 

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Satur Ocampo

‘Marcos was a model of the politician as thief’

The title of this piece comes from an article by the British investigative journalist, writer and documentary maker Nicholas Davies, titled “The $10-bn question: what happened to the Marcos millions?” It was published in the Guardian on May 7, 2016, two days before the national elections in which Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. emerged a close 

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SC ruling on Marcos burial stokes anew public protests

The Supreme Court’s majority ruling (9-5-1) has upheld President Duterte’s oral order to the Armed Forces of the Philippines to bury the remains of former president-turned-dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The alleged aim is “national unity and healing.” Instead it has stoked anew public protests and indignation across the nation 

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Ruling on EDCA: A big victory for US

“The United States won a significant victory on Tuesday in its effort to counter China’s rising influence in the South China Sea, as the highest court in the Philippines cleared the way for American troops to return to the country on a regular basis. “The Philippine Supreme Court, in a 10-to-4 decision, approved an agreement 

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