ABIGAIL ANONGOS, Secretary General of Cordillera People’s Alliance, speaking on Nov. 7 at Ryerson University on Dundas St., Toronto (PHOTO: HG)

Plunder and profit for big capitalist mining linked to killings of indigenous peoples

Interview with Abigail Anongos, Secretary General, Cordillera People’s Alliance By 2014, at least 13 Canadian mines have secured permits to operate in the Philippines, covering at least 5 million hectares By Hermie Garcia The Philippine Reporter: Give us a brief description of Cordillera People’s Alliance, of which you are the Secretary General. What are its 

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Trudeau causing social media buzz in Manila for APEC 2015 meet

But is he getting the attention for the right reasons? By Veronica C. Silva Expect us Filipinos to poke fun on our misery. In the midst of traffic jams now crippling the capital Manila as it hosts the 2015 meeting of the 21-economy Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Filipinos still find time to have fun. 

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Refugees, Siblings, Spouses and Grandparents Jump to Head of Queue

By Ranjit Bhaskar in Toronto Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has given his Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship a list of top priorities to work on in the coming months. While leading efforts to resettle 25,000 refugees in the coming months was number one on the list, John McCallum was also asked to work with 

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Muslim Church

Refugees Trying to Escape Violence, Not Stoke It

By Don Curry in North Bay, Ontario The online reaction to the horrific events in Paris of November 13 has been a wake-up call for those of us who work in the immigration, race relations and multiculturalism sector. We thought our work was creating citizens who respect those of different cultures and religions. I believe it 

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CLIQUE ‘Someday’: An electrifying concert

From beginning to end , this concert was just so electrifying that it radiated in your whole body and made me want to groove some more … that was the CLIQUE Concert: “Someday” held last November 14 at the Korean Cultural Centre, Toronto. These five girls: Breanna Ticsay, Keesha Cerezo, Keana Cerezo, Jam Lazaro and 

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Abigail Bengwayan-Anongos (Sec. General of Cordillera People’s Alliance), speaker at Besao Night.

Grateful to Canada, our second home

Besao Association of Ontario’s Thanksgiving Night By Jen Owatan Besao Association of Ontario celebrated its annual thanksgiving event with some 160 attendants last Saturday, Nov. 17, 2015 at Holy Rosary Church Hall, St. Clair West, Toronto. Its theme was “Iyaman tako ay Igolinsan isnan entako nakiilyan isnan Canada.” Meaning “Igolinsan: Grateful to Canada as our 

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Thankfully Yours — A Concert of Praise

October 18, 2015 St. John’s Polish Catholic Church, Toronto Soprano Lilac Caña gave another wonderful performance for a rapt audience of 250 people, to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. Accompanied by pianist Douglas James Rice, with performances by the Absolute Blend Performers and the Multicultural & Latino Dance Group, she gave an expressive display of vocal 

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Chona Stinson (right), Mrs. Philippines 2013, received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Canadian Cancer Society representatives for her group’s donation; also present are Mary Grace 
Enciso, and Fe Gregorio of 
the Beauties of Summer.

Halloween party raised fund and donated to the Canadian Cancer Society

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Abigail Anongos, Secretary General of the Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA) appeals for support for Filipino indigenous people’s struggle for land, life and respect for human rights

Cordillera leader was guest speaker at the forum “Philippine Indigenous Peoples Under Attack: A Call for Solidarity” on November 7, 2015. at the Rogers School of Management (7th floor) Ryerson University. 55 Dundas St. West, Toronto. Abigail Anongos, Secretary General of the Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA), visited Canada from Nov. 3-11 to attend meetings with 

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Migrants coalition presses Trudeau for ‘real change’

Asks for immediate open work permits, scrapping of ‘four-in, four-out’ By Veronica C. Silva A newly formed coalition composed of migrants and workers’ groups across Canada has launched a campaign calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be true to his campaign promises. Called the Coalition for Migrant Workers Rights-Canada (CMWRC), the group held a 

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