Ama Guro Jun De Leon
(Photos: MC Ramos)

Fil-Can Guro Jun de Leon: Training Royal Regiment of Canada in Filipino martial arts

By Michelle Chermaine Ramos The Philippine Reporter Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Nonato, the Royal Regiment of Canada is training soldiers in the Filipino martial art of kali in addition to the army’s close quarter combat program to get them battle ready. Having gone on missions in Afghanistan and Sudan, Nonato has firsthand 

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Attendees stand for the national anthem

World Press Freedom Day in Toronto

By Michelle Chermaine Ramos The Philippine Reporter ON Friday May 3, 2019, the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada gathered at Toronto City Hall to celebrate World Press Freedom Day. The United Nations General Assembly first declared World Press Freedom Day on May 3, 1993 and every year the occasion is marked worldwide 

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PUBLIC FORUM: NDF and the Struggle for Peace in the Philippines

Since President Rodrigo Roa Duterte came to power in 2016, his government has turned its back many of its promises to the Filipino people. Economically, job creation is at its lowest and the practice of labor contractualization remains. Politically, the country is more divided than ever, with the government resorting to fascistic measures to silence 

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Book launch-The New Filipino Kitche n.20190428-201220

BOOK LAUNCH: The New Filipino Kitchen

By Nastasha Alli What does it mean to connect with our culture through food? It’s a question answered by 30 contributing authors to “The New Filipino Kitchen” cookbook, including White House executive chef Cris Comerford, young chefs and home cooks from across the US and UK, and Toronto-based food writer Nastasha Alli. Called “an engrossing, 

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Growing number of seniors lack support of family, friends What happens when a person grows older and can no longer make health and financial decisions for themselves – but also doesn’t have family or friends who can make those decisions on their behalf? Health and social services use a hard-hitting term to describe this growing population: unbefriended. Unbefriended individuals may have experienced homelessness, 

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Daniel Je

Students burdened by rising cost of university education

Troy Media As student fees rise across the country, being able to afford university is increasingly difficult. All students should be know where their fees and tuition payments go, instead of paying what’s needed and then forgetting about it. However, financial statements aren’t always easy for the average student to understand, especially if they’re not 

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Matrix of Events-Consulate

Matrix of events organized by Philippine Consulate of TO for Filipino Heritage Month

The Philippine Consulate General, Toronto would like to share with you a matrix of events organized by the Philippine Consulate General Toronto in celebration of the 2019 Filipino Heritage Month in June. Copy is also attached. Please share with the members of your organization, your friends, families, colleagues and in your online and print media.

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Filipino Heritage Month logo released

By Tony A. San Juan The Filipino Heritage Month Council-FHMC , a non-profit, volunteer-run, heritage- focused association of Filipino Canadians formed in April 2018, aims to help promote, propagate and preserve Filipino heritage, history, language, art and culture in Canada, through education, information, research, networking and communication initiatives. It is proud at this point to announce the 

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Documenting Duterte’s brutal drug war

At Toronto’s Hot Docs Film Festival: On The President’s Orders By Althea Manasan On a street in the city of Caloocan, a driver sits atop his tricycle, waiting for customers. It’s a busy day, as people go about their daily business, doing their shopping, pushing their children in strollers. The driver’s young son fidgets in 

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Canada-Philippines: Working together to protect voices at risk

Human rights defenders from the Philippines will be coming to Ottawa May 11-12 to participate in the founding of a coalition of HR groups from across Canada. The conference and the founding are taking place in the context of spiraling human rights violations, killings, massive displacement of populations, arrest and detention of journalists, lawyers and 

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