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Temporary status breeds super exploitation

Dr. Salimah Valiani’s comments on the 2014 reforms of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program(TFWP) and Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP): I agree with Migrante (BC) that  “Under these “changes”, migrant workers are generally still where they are – being used, abused, and then disposed of”, but I would add that this is the case for BOTH 

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Kenney misleading public on LCP — GATES

Contrary to claims made by Employment Minister Jason Kenney, very few people are using the live-in caregiver program for family reunification. As detailed in media reports late last month, Jason Kenney claimed that Filipino families are abusing the live-in caregiver program by using it as a backdoor family-reunification program. However, a new national study funded 

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‘Changes’ do not alter TFWP fundamentally

The announcements on the “changes” in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program(TFWP) and the Minister’s handling of it have only fueled more debate about the program. One thing was clear though, the moratorium on the food services sector was over or so it seemed. The criticism of the TFWP however was not over. The “changes” did not fundamentally 

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GABRIELA Ontario on Jason Kenney’s ‘announcement’

It is a grave allegation that a minister makes when he calls Filipino employers of nannies as abusers of the LCP when they hire relatives. The implications about the rights of Filipinos in Canada are just a little short of horrid. It implies firstly, that Filipinos, though they are citizens, don’t have the same right 

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Tory gov’t mum on LCP review process

By Veronica C. Silva The federal government would not divulge to media details of how it is reviewing the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP). The Philippine Reporter inquired with the offices Employment Minister Jason Kenney and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, about how the review process is being undertaken after news reports have speculated that the LCP 

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Pinoy Fiesta gives back

By Rachelle Cruz It was full house at the annual GMA-sponsored Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show last June 28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. In celebration of Philippine Independence Day, the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation’s community-based fiesta kicked off featuring local talents Canadian Idol Martha Joy; award-winning vocalist Lilac Cana, and former Broadway “Miss 

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I found the Totem Poles at Stanley Park in Vancouver BC, Canada quite interesting having learned about them in one of our high school subjects– though I’m not quite sure if it was in Art Appreciation or American History.

Watercolor Journeys and High School Reunions

By Jojo Sabalvaro-Tan Illustrated by Jojo Sabalvaro-Tan My graduating class of 1965 of the University of the Philippines Preparatory School loves reunions. The most beloved of these reunions and the ones that get us particularly excited are those that take us to countries outside of the Philippines. This wanderlust was instilled in us by our 

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Mapua, Feati, UST dominate events

Inter-college sportsfest heats up the summer Mapua thumped the strong Feati team by just one point to emerge as this year’s champion at the Philippine Colleges and Universities Alumni Association (PCUAA) Sportsfest and Picnic held at Mississauga Valley Park on Sunday, July 6. UST placed second runner-up, while Adamson, Central Philippine University and San Beda 

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Radyo Migrante ‘A Night of Poetry’ receives award

2014 National Campus and Community Radio Award By Artemio Borba A small Toronto not-for-profit Filipino radio production has been accorded significant recognition by the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA). Radyo Migrante’s “A night of poetry: Trip to the memory lane of the First Quarter Storm” has received Honourable Mention for Third Language Programming 

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FilCan youth leader runs for TCDSB Ward 5 trustee

Faith ,Youth and Promise. These are inspirational words which decide and drive a young and intelligent person to aspire for greater participation and leadership within – and -without the Catholic community in the City of Toronto. Rightfully, these are the distinctive traits that best describe Joey Abrenilla, a youthful, faithful and promising and yet, experienced Filipino 

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