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Fr. Rex B. Reyes: ‘Focus on the oppressive system, not the person’

By Althea Manasan The Philippine Reporter In order to protect human rights in the Philippines, we shouldn’t focus on any one individual, but must instead address the country’s longstanding system of oppression as a whole. That’s the key message Fr. Rex B. Reyes highlighted on Thursday (May 17) during a lecture in Toronto, where he 

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Nastasha Alli: On food, identity and cooking Sinigang from scratch

By Irish Mae Silvestre The Philippine Reporter Growing up, Nastasha Alli, 30, always knew she wanted to be featured in a book. She’s a voracious reader of books on Filipino cuisine, often having books delivered to her aunt’s home in the Philippines and getting them shipped to Toronto. So it’s no surprise that Alli is 

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Political drama in Mississauga

From Angely Pacis to Tanya Granic Allen to Natalia Kusendova Tanya Granic Allen’s removal as a candidate due to her insensitive comments is just the latest of stunning events in the new riding of Mississauga Centre – and vindication for the campaign of Filipino-Canadian Candidate Rosemer Enverga. Even before “The Main Event” of the General 

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The role of technology in human rights promotion

Interview with Daisy Arago: By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter “What is the role of technology in human rights promotion?” Daisy Arago posed the question as she joined RighsCon Toronto 2018, May 16 to 18 at Exhibition Place, Toronto. Arago is the executive director of Center for Trade Union and Human Rights (CTUHR), a leading 

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Toronto Pinay stars in Hollywood film

LOS ANGELES–Christopher Broughton, who is a producer at 20th Century Fox and the CEO of Moxie Motion Pictures Inc., has announced that Actress Aida King has been cast for the Movie, LIVE. The Hollywood suspense thriller will be filmed in the Philippines, Thailand and the US. Aida King will join what will be an A -List cast for the 

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Sentro Rizal opens in Ottawa, Toronto

By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter TORONTO–“Meron tayong Rizal Commercial Bank, Rizal Sports Complex, meron tayong Rizal town at Rizal province hanggang posporo meron tayong Rizal, kaya baka sumosobra na tayo sa ating ‘veneration without understanding,’ sabi nga ni Renato Constantino noong 1970s.” Philippine national artist for literature Virgilio Almario, concurrently the chair of the 

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Jose Jeffrey Rustia, April 22, 1968 – May 17, 2018

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Filipino nurses job-hunting in America up 23%

Among foreign-educated nurses, Filipinos still most persistent job seekers in the US A total of 7,791 Filipino nurses hoping to practice their profession in America took the US licensure examination for the first time in 2017, ACTS-OFW Rep. Aniceto ‘John’ Bertiz said on Saturday. The figure is up 23 percent versus the 6,322 Philippine-educated nurses 

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Two-thirds of Canadians: Journalistic source material should be shielded from police

But Canadians divided over whether security agencies should use public data to monitor citizens TORONTO–A strong majority of Canadians say journalists should not be required to turn over confidential information to police, according to a survey released Tuesday (May 22).   But Canadians are divided over whether national security agencies should have the power to collect and 

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Filipino Immigrant stories transform into poetry performance

In My Mother Tongue: By Rachel Evangeline Chiong The Philippine Reporter In the past weeks newly immigrated Filipino youth have found a home in The Koffler Centre’s “In My Mother Tongue” program. The unique showcase this past Sunday of the youth’s creative work was a result of the program’s careful cultivation to create a place 

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