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KAMP 2017 Mentors, mentees, and organizers.  Photo: JC Bonifacio.

Touching KAMP experiences of Vancouver Pinoy youth

By Jennilee Austria Just like most Filipinos, my husband and I have never been to summer camp. So when we realized that our Vancouver vacation coincided with a Filipino youth camp, we spent two days at Loon Lake. We soon realized that KAMP was not just a summer camp— it was a social movement. In 

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Want to continue your career in construction industry? FILCONPRO is your friend

By Voltaire de Leon Edward Lintag worked in the Philippines as a project engineer for Systech Industries for four years until 2007 when an opportunity opened up in Saudi Arabia. There he continued his project engineering work this time with Advanced Vision, an engineering firm of the prominent Bin Laden family. The reputation of Filipino 

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Pinoys in Canada

Canada’s immigration growth fuels international money transfers

Canada’s immigration growth imperative Today, one out of five, or 20% of all Canadians are foreign-born. If we add in second generations, the number becomes 40%. Even at 20%, it is equivalent to Quebec’s population size! And the tidal wave is not stopping there. In 2016, 320,000 new immigrants came to the country, add to 

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Four Tips for New Canadians

StartRight with Scotiabank: Starting a new life in Canada can be an overwhelming experience. You’re often filled with uncertainty and questions – from legal, to financial and beyond. To help get you started on the path to achieving your hopes and dreams in Canada, Munsif Sheraly, Director of Multicultural Banking at Scotiabank, has four important 

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Back to school

September means new teachers, new classes — and new stuff, like shoes, bags and school supplies After being away for two whole months, kids go back to school in September, which they may not appreciate, but parents sure do. Across Canada, September is the month when the new school calendar begins, when students start new 

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International gathering to end war

300 Delegates from 21 countries meet in toronto By Joseph Smooke War and climate change are rapidly changing our world as cultures, countries and people are traumatized and displaced. Sharing these experiences and stories is essential for building not just an understanding of our common struggles, but to envision how to make change for a 

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FLORFINA MARCELINO, Manitoba Opposition Leader: ‘Recognition makes you more aware of responsibility’

By Mila Astorga-Garcia ‘RISING UP TO LEAD’ is a very apt description accorded to Florfina Marcelino, interim leader of the New Democratic Party in Manitoba, when her official winning profile was published in Canadian Immigrant as one of Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC’s) Top 25 Canadian Immigrants for 2017. From her humble beginnings as a 

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Mikey Bustos’s 14 lessons on his rise to fame

On the Blessing of Failure and Being a Channel of Happiness and Good Vibes By Michelle Chermaine Ramos A multitalented performer, Mikey Bustos is a singer, songwriter, comedian, actor, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and unofficial ambassador of Philippine culture on social media. He first rose to the spotlight as a finalist in the first season of 

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Canada’s Kwawukumey now playing for UST Growling Tigers

By Emar Sy Did you see that Coach Mike? That was a great pass! Indeed, the kid has great vision and is just what I needed for my team. Words uttered by UST Growling Tigers mentor and head coach Boy Sablan during one of his practices. Words he used to describe the plays of his 

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Brandon Ramirez - ADMU Blue Eagles

The Blue Eagle has landed

Brandon Ramirez By Emar Sy Born October 29, 1997 Brandon Ramirez was the first born child of Mr. Sonny and Digna Ramirez from Toronto, Canada. Since childhood he has always loved playing basketball and hoped of being able to play professionally someday. He honed his skills at a very young age and has been a 

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