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PH government rolls out new OFW e-Card

By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter “Simple delivery of government services” is what a new identification card for overseas Filipino workers (OFW) promises to provide as it was officially launched on Tuesday November 6, 2018. Making the announcement in Pasay City, Philippine Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello III said the OFW e-card is an upgrade from 

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The PMB KIDS (from left): Eula Mae Flores, Rana Cruz, Samantha Chayapan Hardy, Khalil Barton, Nelia Lewis and Kween Ella Bernardo who performed at the event.

$4,300 raised in Barrie by Migrante

Fundraiser for Typhoon Ompong survivors While we are saddened by the human and material losses left in the wake of this disaster, we celebrate the resilience and the resoluteness of a people collectively engaged in recovery and rehabilitation. … we appeal to you all for solidarity and support. (From PMB’s introductory remarks delivered by Ms. 

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‘Start Right’ with Scotiabank: Preparing for life in Canada

TORONTO – AUGUST 27, 2018 – Scotiabank has launched a new website for the StartRight® Program, which offers practical, useful information to make it easier and simpler for newcomers and international students to live and bank in Canada. The website is rich with content, including blog posts, practical lists and links to helpful resources, making 

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2 Pinays win Councillor seats

By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter TORONTO–Political newcomers have been elected councillors in Brampton and Ajax, becoming the first Filipinas to win an elective post in the Greater Toronto Area in recent history. An administrator and personal insurance advisor for 25 years, Lisa Abarquez Bower is chosen as the Ward 3 local councillor in the 

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Rowena Santos: Brampton’s New City Councillor for Wards 1 and 5

By Irish Mae Silvestre The Philippine Reporter It was a team effort that paid off for Rowena Santos and Paul Vicente. While both of them will be representing Wards 1 and 5, Vicente is the new regional councillor, with Santos as the new city councillor. Santos is also one of the first two Filipinas elected 

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‘The Internet is a weapon of mass distraction’

Former Member of the Philippine House of Representatives MONG PALATINO By Irish Mae Silvestre The Philippine Reporter “Jamal [Khashoggi]’s story signals the fast deterioration of press freedom across the world” — Mong Palatino “Attacks against the media expose how democracy is under attack from powerful forces, which are bent on preserving their interests.” — Mong 

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Jeni Labor-Quigaman, Niljen 
Harmonica Malijan, Paz Odasing Labor, Jeidelin Grace Quigaman, Sensei Nilo Quigaman, Neil 
Jefferson Quigaman and Ai-Ai Quigaman.

Filipino Karateka Family Opens International Karate Daigaku Dojo in Scarborough

By Michelle Chermaine Ramos The Philippine Reporter Spearheaded by the Quigaman family, a new branch of the International Karate Daigaku dojo held a grand opening in Scarborough on October 13, 2018 in partnership with Mind Body Soul Studios. Students and instructors performed demos at the open house during which guests had the opportunity to ask 

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Members of the Town of Minto’s Filipino Canadian Community

Filipino Immigrants in Rural Areas

Tagahanap Ng Landas: By Tom Lusis When most people think of immigrating to Canada, the first places that come to mind are “gateway” cities like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. These cities have established ethnic neighborhoods, businesses and organizations to help newcomers integrate into Canada. Yet are they the only option? Some immigrants have followed a 

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New report finds housing in the GTHA can be more affordable

By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter Greater Toronto and Hamilton area (GTHA) housing can be more affordable according to Ryerson City Building Institute (CBI) in its October 2018 report. The report, “Finding the Missing Middle” claims the urban region has more than enough room to meet the current housing demand. GTHA is one of North 

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Kamalayan youth media brings meaningful message

Toronto Filipino youth collective uses funding to increase media literacy. By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter Carlos Saldaña, 18, shared how he got the hang of being in front of the camera. “I’ve learned how to properly talk in public manner, to acquaint with the news, and to express verbally my ideas.” Kamalayan Konsciousness Kollective 

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