3 21-year olds will bike from Scarboro to Montreal to support 5n2 feed-the-hungry project

Three young Scarborough locals, Raymark Bancolita, Michael Rudio and Patrick Bernardino, have reached out to 5n2 Kitchens and offered their help in ending hunger in the community. Being cycling enthusiasts, they thought the most fulfilling way to raise funds for the food kitchen is to pedal their way to Montreal, beginning their long journey from 

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nother weird creature from the Philippines: the tarsier, a primate known for its super long tarsus bone (hence the name) which makes its legs twice as long as its body.  
(Photo courtesy of Nick Sweetman)

New mural in Toronto’s ‘Little Manila’

By Ysh Cabana The Philippine Reporter A purple crab, polar bears, bison and dozens of gigantic animals spruce up what is a dark underpass on Bathurst and Wilson bridge. Nick Sweetman started splashing bright colours earlier in July as part of what would be a community-focused artwork to beautify and to create space that represents 

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Quick facts on the Philippine national ID system

By Ysh Cabana On August 6th, President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law enabling the Philippine Identification system, a measure that aims to create a database of everyone in the country. Are we all in for a card purportedly aimed at easing transactions with the government? Or are we exposing ourselves to a massive attack of 

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Graham Pedregosa for 
Councillor, City of Sarnia

Three more Filipino Canadians enter civic election race on October 22nd

By Tony A. San Juan, OCT. The more the merrier. Or, the more the better!  They muttered. Lately, three more courageous and determined Filipino Canadians have filed their candidacies in the coming October 22, 2018 municipal elections. Yes, mga kababayans. Three young and well-qualified  FilCans  have entered their candidacies for elective posts in the Cities of 

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Randy Bucao

Bucao resumes campaign for Toronto City Council

Randy Bucao has resumed his campaign and will now run as a candidate for new Ward 21 – Scarborough Centre in the municipal elections on October 22. Randy Bucao will focus on making Ward 21 a safe community. He will also commit to bringing affordable housing, accessibility to transit and city parks, and for more 

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Taste of Manila is back on

By Irish Mae Silvestre After last month’s surprise announcement that Taste of Manila was cancelled, organizers made yet another surprising announcement: the festival is, in fact, happening this month, with help from Toronto city officials. Slated for its original dates (August 18 and 19), the festival will once again see parts of the Wilson Ave. 

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(Photos:  Althea Manasan)

Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly with God

Enrique Olivo, TCDSB Trustee Candidate, Toronto Ward 12 By Althea Manasan Typing on a laptop in a Toronto cafe, dressed casually in a white button down shirt and a blue hoodie, Enrique Olivo looks like your average tech-sector millennial. In some ways, he is. But outside of his work as a data scientist at international 

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Rowena Santos with her son Lennon

‘It’s okay to be underestimated and prove everybody wrong’

Rowena Santos: Candidate for Councillor, Brampton Wards 1 and 5 By Irish Mae Silvestre Rowena Santos has been waiting in the wings for quite some time. Equipped with a business degree and a master’s in economics, she went on to work for world-renowned corporations, then gained experience in the non-profit sector. Feeling restless and on 

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Island Womxn Rise performers. Photo by Nastasha Alli

For Filipina Comedians, the Struggle is Hilariously Real

REVIEW: Island Womxn Rise By Irish Mae Silvestre I don’t want to start off with the cliched ‘Asians are extremely underrepresented in the entertainment industry’ because, well, Asians are extremely underrepresented in the entertainment industry. But something is slowly shifting. There’s Ali Wong and her Netflix stand-up special Baby Cobra and actress/rapper Awkwafina rubbing shoulders 

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Toronto Pinoy indie bands play gig series

By Ysh Cabana TORONTO–Equipped with original compositions, ambitious talent and passion for music, a live indie band scene in the city is thriving. Filipino indie artists find a space to ‘jam’ in OPM Indie Night Toronto. After spending its pilot season in Cusina Lounge in North York, season two premiered on July 19 at Bistro 

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