Step Up the Competition

By Editorial Staff Weight loss is the buzzword in health care that isn’t going away, guaranteed. That’s because too many people want – or need – to lose weight, and permanent, healthy weight loss is often a supreme struggle to attain. We won’t delve into the reasons why it’s such a challenge in this 

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It’s Time to Clock Out

By Editorial Staff A great work ethic is impressive, but at some point, we all have to “clock out,” go home, enjoy our free time, and recharge and renew. Otherwise, we risk getting burned out, worn down … and suffering the health consequences. Case in point: New research links longer hours spent at work 

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Why Your Bones Need Vitamin D

By Editorial Staff Especially when you’re older. Why? Because with age, two things happen: First, we naturally lose bone density as we get older, which makes bones more subject to a break. Second, age also can rob us of muscle mass, balance and normal gait (walking) abilities, which increases our risk of falling. Now 

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Headaches: Drugless solutions

By Julie Engebretson Looking for an effective solution to those nagging headaches without all the side effects associated with medications? Try chiropractic care. Blame it on stress, poor sleep or genes, headaches are a painful part of life for many Americans. Severe, chronic headache is one of the most common sources of pain, interfering 

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The power of the nap

By Editorial Staff Think the benefits of napping go away once you outgrow childhood? Think again. Not only can naps help you catch up on lost sleep and provide a much-needed “break” from your busy day; they also help your heart stay healthy. Here’s how. People who take naps 1-2 times a week have 

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Is there a processed foods – autism connection?

By Editorial Staff Two seemingly unrelated health realities are soaring in our society: autism rates and the availability of processed foods. Could the two be connected? Let’s look at the research, particularly a new study published in Scientific Reports. An acid called propionic acid (PPA) is commonly found in processed foods because it helps 

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Vitamin D: Good for Migraines?

By Editorial Staff Ever suffered a migraine? If you have, you know how much you’d like to avoid suffering another one. If you haven’t, take it from the people who have: you don’t want to experience one. Unlike the more common tension headache, which causes mild to moderate pain and little else, a migraine 

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It’s never too late to start (Exercising)

By Editorial Staff Hopefully everyone appreciates the health benefits of consistent physical activity by now … although that doesn’t mean we’re all doing it enough. And of course, as with anything that’s good for you, some people just don’t get around to doing it at all. Never exercising isn’t a great idea, but starting 

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Prostate Health: Think Cruciferous (Veggies)

By Editorial Staff Approximately one in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime, which in terms of statistics, is only slightly less likely than breast cancer diagnoses in women. In other words, prostate cancer is a big deal! Fortunately, protecting the prostate can start with something as simple as eating 

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All sitting is not created equal?

By Edorial Staff A few years back, sitting was compared to smoking in terms of its negative impact on human health. Since then, we’ve run a variety of articles on how to reduce daily sitting time and ways to create an ergonomic sitting environment when you do have to sit. Now comes evidence that 

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