Obesity is bad for your kidneys

By Editorial Staff It’s always good to stay at a healthy weight for physical (and emotional) health reasons, but putting on too much weight (obesity) can put you in real danger, elevating your risk for a variety of issues including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and cancer. Your kidneys aren’t safe when 

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Have a heart: Foods to avoid and foods to embrace

By Editorial Staff Heart disease, stroke and diabetes: three of the primary causes of death in today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) culture. Fortunately, the common cause is also the solution, with a recent study underscoring the power of a good diet in preventing these potentially fatal conditions and implicating specific foods as culprits in 

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The dangerous trend in texting

By Editorial Staff Over the years, we’re reported frequently on the health consequences of social media, particularly in children / adolescents. From excessive screen time to postural issues; from an increased risk of anxiety and depression to impaired social and communication skills – the dangers of social media use are real. And of course, 

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Quality Carbs: The secret to health?

By Editorial Staff Sometimes it seems as if we’ve become so obsessed with weight loss that we’ve forgotten health is what truly matters. Yes, maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your disease burden significantly, but what we eat is consistently shown to be a leading, if not the leading, determinant of how long we 

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Type 2 Diabetes: Bad for the Brain

By Editorial Staff Type 2 diabetes is no fun for anyone, regardless of age, with potential symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision, unintended weight loss, frequent infections and slow wound healing; and potential complications including heart disease, kidney problems, and nerve damage, sometimes leading to extremity amputation. Alzheimer’s disease is another potential complication of 

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Drinking coffee and preventing Gallstones Your gallbladder stores bile, the liquid produced by the liver to digest fats. Gallstones, hard masses of cholesterol and protein, are the most common digestive-related cause of hospitalization in the United States, with symptomatic gallstone disease affecting more than 20 million Americans annually. A 10-year study (1986-1996) examined the possibility that coffee could reduce 

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Depressed by Social Media

By Editorial Staff Based on the amount of time the average teen spends engaged in social media, it would be easy to assume it’s always an incredibly enjoyable experience. Not so fast. In a perfect social media world filled with only “Likes,” thumbs ups and positive comments, that might be the case, but as 

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Exercise: Your brain will thank you!

By Editorial Staff Substantial research supports the health benefits of exercise when it comes to the body: improved strength, flexibility and endurance, to name a few. How about a reduced risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a lengthy list of other diseases? And don’t forget the mental health benefits, including reduced stress, 

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Marijuana or Alcohol: Which is worse for your child?

By Editorial Staff We know, we know: On the one hand, this is a question that doesn’t merit an answer, because for the vast majority of parents (we’re accounting for a few uninformed outliers), marijuana and alcohol are taboo for all children until they reach adulthood. That’s the vision; now here’s the reality: Thirty-three 

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New Year’s Resolutions that should be on your List (But probably aren’t)

By Editorial Staff A new year is right around the corner, which makes now a great time to review your 2018 resolutions (particularly how successful you’ve been at achieving them) and chart a course for an even better 2019 with a fresh set of resolutions designed to build a better you. Ready, set, go! 

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