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3 rules to improve your life

By Dr. George I. Traitses Desperate for solutions to your perpetual “life problem”? Life can feel like a constant struggle, even on the best of days, which can take a major toll on your emotional and physical health over time. What to do? For starters, follow these three simple rules and we’ll bet your outlook 

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Why it’s OK to ‘Just stand around’

By Dr. George I. Traitses In our never-ending quest to get our kids off the couch or out of the chairs they seem perpetually glued to, we might be serving a much higher purpose than merely advocating they “go do something.” An increasing body of research suggests the mere act of standing is a significant 

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Fight Father Time with exercise

What’s the secret to healthy aging? Dr. George I. Traitses We’re all fighting Father Time, but some of us are winning, at least in terms of productivity, function and quality of life. What’s the secret to healthy aging? You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again (until you start listening): exercise. In this case, 

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Take a stand against obesity

By Dr. George I. Traitses Obesity is raging out of control in Canada and worldwide, due in large part to processed foods, sedentary lifestyles and other factors that keep us in the fat-accumulating, rather than fat-burning, mode. But did you know there’s an easy way to get you started on the road to good health, 

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3 ways to shake the blues

By Dr. George I. Traitses Nutrition Depression is often associated with or made worse by poor eating habits; people who worry about their food choices or who gain weight as a result are less likely to feel good about themselves, which plants the seeds for poor self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Skipping meals, overeating and other 

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Is PMS bad for BP?

By Dr. George I. Traitses Some women experience only mild symptoms of premenstrual syndrome during their monthly cycle, while others experience moderate to severe symptoms. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has a wide variety of symptoms, including mood swings, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, irritability and depression. It’s estimated that as many as 3 of every 4 

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The hidden benefits of family meals

By Dr. George I. Traitses Sitting down to the table for a family meal isn’t what it used to be, and evidence suggests the consequences are frightening, and not just from a nutritional perspective. In fact, children are significantly more likely to engage in a variety of unhealthy behaviors when the family meal isn’t a 

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Sugar-free drinks: Still bad for your teeth

By Dr. George I. Traitses Think “sugar free” means safe for your teeth? Not according to recent research investigating how sugar-free beverages impact dental health. Oral diseases are among the most prevalent diseases in the Australian community. Almost 60% of 14 year-olds in Australia have had decay in their permanent teeth. Moderate to severe forms 

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Will the holidays be hazardous to your waistline?

By Dr. George I. Traitses Yes, it’s that glorious time of year again: six weeks of glorious indulgence, starting with Thanksgiving and rolling through New Year’s. Combine ample decadent treats with hectic shopping, end-of-the-year work deadlines and “I deserve to take a break” syndrome, and you’ve got a recipe for holiday weight gain that can 

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Soft drinks and school kids don’t mix

By Dr. George I. Traitses Despite the soft drink industry’s insistence to the contrary, mounting evidence suggests that soft drink consumption, particularly by children, is a leading cause of childhood obesity. Up to 85 percent of all children enrolled in school consume at least one soft drink a day, and 20 percent consume a whopping 

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