Type 2 Diabetes: Bad for the Brain

By Editorial Staff Type 2 diabetes is no fun for anyone, regardless of age, with potential symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision, unintended weight loss, frequent infections and slow wound healing; and potential complications including heart disease, kidney problems, and nerve damage, sometimes leading to extremity amputation. Alzheimer’s disease is another potential complication of 

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Drinking coffee and preventing Gallstones Your gallbladder stores bile, the liquid produced by the liver to digest fats. Gallstones, hard masses of cholesterol and protein, are the most common digestive-related cause of hospitalization in the United States, with symptomatic gallstone disease affecting more than 20 million Americans annually. A 10-year study (1986-1996) examined the possibility that coffee could reduce 

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Depressed by Social Media

By Editorial Staff Based on the amount of time the average teen spends engaged in social media, it would be easy to assume it’s always an incredibly enjoyable experience. Not so fast. In a perfect social media world filled with only “Likes,” thumbs ups and positive comments, that might be the case, but as 

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Exercise: Your brain will thank you!

By Editorial Staff Substantial research supports the health benefits of exercise when it comes to the body: improved strength, flexibility and endurance, to name a few. How about a reduced risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a lengthy list of other diseases? And don’t forget the mental health benefits, including reduced stress, 

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Marijuana or Alcohol: Which is worse for your child?

By Editorial Staff We know, we know: On the one hand, this is a question that doesn’t merit an answer, because for the vast majority of parents (we’re accounting for a few uninformed outliers), marijuana and alcohol are taboo for all children until they reach adulthood. That’s the vision; now here’s the reality: Thirty-three 

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New Year’s Resolutions that should be on your List (But probably aren’t)

By Editorial Staff A new year is right around the corner, which makes now a great time to review your 2018 resolutions (particularly how successful you’ve been at achieving them) and chart a course for an even better 2019 with a fresh set of resolutions designed to build a better you. Ready, set, go! 

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energy drinks warning

Want to constrict your blood vessels? Grab an energy drink

By Editorial Staff OK, so let’s start with a warning, in case you were confused by the title of this article: You don’t want to constrict your blood vessels. The heart and brain are the primary organs that rely on blood, although every organ in the body requires a steady flow of blood to 

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We all need a regular bedtime

By Editorial Staff Most parents put their children to bed at fairly specific times, depending on age: generally sometime between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. until they reach puberty. But what about you? Parents – in fact, all adults – benefit from a consistent sleep time as well. Here’s why: Adults who go to 

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Can stress shrink your brain?

By Editorial Staff Is it better to have a bigger brain vs. a smaller brain? The jury is still out, although some research suggests a bigger brain might give you a slight edge in intelligence, although size is by no means the sole variable to consider. However, one thing’s for certain: a shrinking brain 

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Cut Cancer risk: Eat Organic

By Editorial Staff While the nutritional benefits of organic vs. conventional foods continue to be debated, one fact seems clear: If you eat organic foods, you’re less likely to be exposed to the pesticides and other chemical products conventional farmers commonly spray on their crops. And less exposure to pesticides is generally a good 

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