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More Water = Fewer UTIs

By Editorial Staff Women are more likely to suffer urinary tract infections (UTIs) than men, primarily because the female urethra is shorter, which makes it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder. Certain types of birth control can also elevate the risk, and risk heightens when a woman reaches menopause. Regardless of the cause, 

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The Unhealthy Holidays: 5 worst things you can do

By Editorial Staff Another year winding down means another string of holidays to test our health will. The last two months of the year bring seemingly endless trips to visit relatives, malls and other hectic locales far from the comfort of your regular exercise and fitness routine. That’s danger with a capital D when 

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Your backpack is stressing your spine

By Editorial Staff When we think about who wears a backpack, we often think first of students and members of the military. But these days, backpack wearers increasingly transcend age and occupational categories. Who wears a backpack? The businessman who wants to avoid checking a bag at the airport. The mom preparing for a 

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Give a Hug (or Get One) – It’s Healthy

By Editorial Staff Ah yes, the power of a simple hug. A hug can warm you, comfort you, make you feel safe – all of the above and more. In fact, a hug can even improve your health by reducing stress and other negative feelings often conjured by our daily social interactions. A study 

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Medications that can cause pain

By Gregory Cofano, DC, DICBN(c) Forty million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy.1 The causes of peripheral neuropathy stem from systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, autoimmune disorders, side effects from medications, toxic exposures, infections, and hereditary diseases.2-3 Each different condition can also result in damage specifically to sensory, 

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You Are What You Eat: Poor diet linked to many Cancers

By Editorial Staff The dreaded C word is so feared for a reason: A cancer diagnosis can shock your world, not to mention put your life in jeopardy. But with an estimated 90 percent of cancers attributable to diet and exercise habits, there’s hope for those willing to take their health into their own 

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Weight Loss: If You Can See It, You Can Do It

By Editorial Staff Have you been overweight for so long that the only way you can picture your thinner self is by looking at old pictures? Or perhaps you don’t have any pictures because for whatever reason, you’ve always been fighting your weight. That “picture” of yourself, whether in your photo album or your 

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3 ways to get in shape fast

By Editorial Staff So get out there and get moving! There’s no better time to get in shape, and your body will thank you for it. Who better than personal trainers to know the best exercises to get you in shape safely and effectively? The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently conducted a survey 

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What if Aspirin really doesn’t help your heart?

By Editorial Staff If you were taught to take aspirin every day as a way to prevent heart attacks and related cardiovascular events, you may need to go back to school. Several new studies suggest the risks associated with taking aspirin on a daily basis may outweigh the benefits. The first study, published in 

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Vitamins for healthy aging

By Editorial Staff Frailty is a major health issue with age. Seniors who are frail are more likely to suffer falls, break bones and become debilitated, losing independence and often accelerating the decline already occurring with age. Fortunately, seniors can reduce their risk of frailty and the consequences with sound nutrition, suggests research, specifically 

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