Get a great workout without lifting a finger

By Dr. George I. Traitses Who says it takes all kinds of effort to stay in shape? Sometimes the best exercises are so simple they don’t even require you to lift a finger. Actually, we’re talking about great lower-body exercises that tone, tighten and keep your hips, glutes, hamstrings and calves looking great using only 

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Weight loss by the numbers

By Dr. George I. Traitses Whether you’re about to begin what will hopefully be a successful weight-loss journey, right in the middle of the process or trying to motivate yourself to start over after a failed attempt to achieve your desired weight, it’s important to understand some of the variables that influence weight / weight 

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Turn the lights out on energy drinks

Research warns against use by children, teens By Dr. George I. Traitses Energy drinks are big business, with more than a thousand distributors globally and annual sales expected to top the $9 billion mark this year. Who’s buying them? Everyone. And with average caffeine content equal to or exceeding a cup of coffee, the question 

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May I have your attention, please?

By Dr. George I. Traitses It’s been a rough morning: You’ve been chasing your active toddler around for hours, and it’s not even noon! You’re tempted to pop in a video so you can rest for a few minutes; after all, what’s the harm if your child watches a little television? More than you might 

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Dealing with Menopause the right way

By Julie T. Chen, MD Menopause is a normal part of aging. Although there are other parts of aging that seem more fun than this, there are ways to help ourselves transition through this period with less discomfort. When we go through menopause, the sex hormone production from our sex organs are diminishing and hence 

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Quiet down! I’m eating

By Dr. George I. Traitses Can’t seem to shake those last few (or even the first few) pounds? It might be a simple question of calories. After all, while weight loss is a complex endeavor on a certain level, it’s fairly straightforward in this sense: The less calories your body takes in (either by consuming 

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Natural health products are not drugs

Health Canada proposes new rules to regulate NHPs like drugs By CHFA The Canadian Health Food Association ( CHFA) is Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products. Their members include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and importers of natural and organic products. These can include foods, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal products, 

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Sunscreen done wrong (and done right)

Dr. George I. Traitses You’re prepped for another glorious day outdoors, which means your ready-to-go bag includes sunscreen. But will you end your day with a nasty sunburn that could eventually increase your chances of developing skin cancer, among other consequences? It all depends on whether you’re applying that sunscreen correctly. Here are some simple 

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3 Overlooked causes of stress and how to eliminate them

By Dr. George I. Traitses Stress is a buzzword in health and wellness circles these days, as research and experience provide increasing evidence of the profound life and health consequences. Whether work-, home-, relationship- or just plain life-related, stress can weigh us down and impact every aspect of our existence. Combating stress before it starts 

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Text Neck: How to avoid strains and pains

By Dr. George I. Traitses Our modern digital age has brought us many conveniences. BlackBerry devices, iPhones, tablets and e-readers allow us to communicate and be entertained with the push of a button. Technology can improve our quality of life, but it comes with a price: being huddled over devices for long period of times 

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