Your obesity impacts your kids

By Dr. George I. Traitses Obese parents, it’s time for a dose of reality: beyond the health risks associated with the excess weight you’re carrying, you’re also doing a major disservice to your children, suggests new research. According to the study, children of obese parents are more likely to experience developmental delays compared to children 

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Don’t ‘dessert’ your weight-loss goals

By Dr. George I. Traitses You’ve committed to losing weight and changing your lifestyle forever. So far, things are going great: You’ve lost 10 pounds and feel like a new person, even with pounds left to lose. Then temptation rears its sugary, carb-loaded head when your co-worker brings in leftover brownies from last night’s party. 

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Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy linked to childhood Autism

By Dr. George I. Traitses According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by repetitive and characteristic patterns of behavior and difficulties with social communication and interaction.” As of 2016, one in 68 U.S. children suffer from ASD, per the 

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Energy, energy, everywhere – should we be worried?

By Dr. George I. Traitses Radiofrequency electromagnetic energy RF/EMF) is all around us, courtesy of microwave ovens, cellphones and increasingly, the prolific Wi-Fi Hot Spot. In fact, car manufacturers are now making new cars Wi-Fi enabled so you can be surrounded by Wi-Fi at each and every turn (pun intended). The questions is, should we 

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5 Ways to build muscle fast

By Dr. George I. Traitses With all the talk these days about losing weight and burning fat, it’s easy to forget about the importance of building muscle. Whether you’re looking to maximize your metabolism or just look better in front of the mirror, you need muscle to do it. Here are five simple strategies, whether 

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Get those hammies in shape

By Dr. George I. Traitses Anyone who’s ever suffered a hamstring strain or tear understands the importance of keeping your hamstring muscles – on the back of each leg, running from approximately the buttocks to the knee – strong and flexible. Unfortunately, it’s often subject to injury because many people tend to focus on other 

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Lower Sugar = Lower Blood Pressure

By Dr. George I. Traitses Sounds pretty simple, right? Except in a society overwhelmed by processed foods loaded with added sugar, keeping your sugar (or blood pressure) in check can be a major challenge. But let’s leave the topic of limiting sugar consumption from all sources for another day, and instead focus on sugar from 

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Back Pain: Bad for your mental health

Dr. George I. Traitses If you’re not already utilizing chiropractic care to resolve your back pain and reduce the likelihood it will return – not to mention improving your overall health and wellness – that means one of two things: you haven’t suffered back pain (yet) or you’ve decided to temporarily suppress the pain with 

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How to keep your 2017 Resolutions

Succeed where you’ve failed before: By Dr. George I. Traitses A new year is right around the corner and that means a new list of – in far too many cases – the same old New Year’s resolutions. Every year at around this time, millions of people around the world resolve to improve their lives 

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2 big reasons to get enough sleep

By Dr. George I. Traitses The consequences of missing out on sleep aren’t limited to crankiness and fatigue; research continues to show the profound impact inadequate sleep can have on our health. The latest two examples suggest lack of sleep can negatively impact eating and driving habits, increasing the risk of overeating and suffering a 

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