Blog #7: Philippine poverty, economy — is it any better now?

In my Blog #5, I wrote about Canadian household debt, the worsening debt-income ratio (debt divided by income) and the rising consumer debt. It wasn’t a treatise or an exhaustive essay. I merely provided some links to news reports from the mainstream media about those topics. It was like a quick online research, the current 

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Blog #19: Wealth inequality worse globally than in the U.S.

We’ve seen in the previous blog how serious the income gap and wealth inequality is in the U.S. If you click this link and watch the video:, you’ll find out that global wealth inequality is far worse than in the U.S. Following are the main findings in research cited in the video: 80% of 

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Blog #13: More Brain Wonders

By Hermie Garcia Let’s continue the fun learning about the brain from yesterday. Here are some images from the same source, For sources of these information, go to: The comments underneath the images are mine. (Read story…)  

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Blog #18: The poor, the rich and riots in the streets

“Oh, people don’t even know. If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.” This is from the very first sentence of an article in Scientific American online publication. It’s a quote from comedian Chris Rock. As I read the article, it turns out that the statement was 

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Blog #14: Some interesting facts about money

By Hermie Garcia April 1, 2015 “Money is the root of all evil.” Some say this is a misquote. They say the right quote is “The love of money is the root of all evil.” The second quotation makes more sense. For if you love money or worship money, that makes you materialistic and devoid 

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Blog #15: Random thoughts on a Good Friday

By Hermie Garcia April 3, 2015 Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe What can be a more dreary holiday than a Good Friday? Unless you are a religious person who attends religious rituals on a 

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Pacquiao picture, on the frontpage of a Manila daily, in his third fight vs Marquez, Nov. 14, 2011. See Pacquiao signature, with name of the blog author. Courtesy of Atty. Romy Macalintal.

Blog #6: Pacquiao, the legend, the mystery; if you can’t be a boxer, be a blogger

I missed writing yesterday’s blog. (I promise to blog twice today to make up for it.) I was in a farewell (despedida) party of more than 250 people for the outgoing Philippine Consul General to Toronto, Junever Mahilum-West, late into the night. I met old friends, acquaintances, colleagues in the community media, community association members, 

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Dom Hélder Pessoa Câmara was Roman Catholic Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Brazil
He retired as archbishop in 1985, and lived to see many of his reforms rolled back by his conservative successors.

What’s with the 25th year milestone?

By Hermie Garcia Here are my notes on the Powerpoint presentation of some the major stories we covered in the past 25 years of The Philippine Reporter. Short of writing and reading a speech. I read these and elaborated a bit extemporaneously. Then with the visual presentation, I just made quick remarks on the images 

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Jeffrey Reodica issue is still alive

I ATTENDED the 10th Death Anniversary of Jeffrey Reodica Memorial last Wednesday (May 21) at Nathan Philips Square. I was touched deeply by profound sadness and quiet indignation felt by those present. They were the family, friends and others who felt 10 years ago and still feel now that the fatal shooting of the 17-year 

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Emma Ripalda at the graveyard by the roadside where 9 members of her family are buried.

Visiting the heartland of Haiyan (Yolanda)

I just arrived in Manila from a two-day visit of Tanauan, Leyte (from Friday Feb. 28 to today Sunday, March 2). Tanauan is one of the most devastated towns of Leyte after super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit Eastern Visayas in the Philippines on Nov. 8, 2013. The visit was mainly for my wife and her 

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