Kristel Tejada story: Signs of the times

The tragic story of Kristel Tejada brings back memories of my years in the UP Diliman campus decades ago. To be sure, there were many, I mean a lot, of UP students then who came from the far-flung rural areas of the country. You would know because they talked about their towns and barrios in 

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PPCO = Principled Press for Camaraderie and Openness

BY HERMIE GARCIA Following is an article I wrote for my campaign for the presidency of the Philippine Press Club of Ontario which held its special elections last March 3. For the readers to have a glimpse on the goings-on in the association, I am reprinting it here. Having won the election, my mandate is 

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Remembering Tony Zumel

By Hermie Garcia In this issue is an article about the celebration held in Manila marking the 80th birthday of the late Antonio Zumel, revolutionary leader with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and once a journalist with Manila daily newspapers. From those who spoke about him and his contributions to the progressive movement, 

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