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A fitting memento for a golden milestone

UP Prep Class ‘65 Celebrates its 50th Anniversary An event that brings good things to one’s life always matters, and takes on a significant meaning when it hits the golden anniversary mark. It is a milestone worth celebrating and even documenting in a book. And so, when the University of the Philippines Preparatory School Class 

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Sen. Grace Poe reveals findings of Senate committee that investigated Mamasapano tragedy.

Poe to Aquino: Be a leader, tell the truth

By Ellen Tordesillas Reading President Aquino’s speech before the 2015 graduates of the Philippine Military Academy last Sunday, I got the impression that he is isolated from the real world outside Malacañang. For how does one who has to suffer daily the monstrous Metro Manila traffic and the inefficiency of the MRT accept his painting 

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The author displays part of his collection of newspaper clippings and memorabilia of the fights and life of the late Gabriel “Flash” Elorde.

I remember Flash Elorde

By Atty. Romulo B. Macalintal Gabriel “Flash” Elorde deserves to be remembered by a very grateful nation.  For exactly 55 years ago, or on March 16, 1960 to be exact, he brought honor and pride to our country and our people when he knocked out then defending champion Harold Gomes of the United States and 

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Canon fodder?

By Benjie Oliveros During the time when the Aquino government was defending the signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the US, it repeatedly claimed that the increased presence of US troops in the country would ‘protect’ the country in the event that the territorial dispute with China escalates into a shooting war. 

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EDSA in context: An uprising 14 years in the making

By LUIS V. TEODORO Vantage Point | BusinessWorld Criticizing those in government — and he might as well have been referring to certain sectors of the media too — who have been campaigning against the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, President Benigno S.C. Aquino III, described them as “enemies of peace” in his speech 

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Venancio with supporters and media (Photo grabbed from www.change.org)

Let Maria Victoria ‘Vicky’ Venancio stay in Canada

We, the undersigned appeal to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Honourable Chris Alexander, to grant Maria Victoria “Vicky” Venancio permanent residency on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Vicky is a 29 year old woman who came from the Philippines to to work in the service industry. In June 2012, Vicky was cycling to work 

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LETTER TO EDITOR: Why is this government such a failure on jobs?

Dear Editor, When you look at the numbers, it is clear that the Conservative federal government has been a major failure on jobs, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s indifference to all those who are struggling to get decent full-time work is shocking. There are 140,000 more jobless Canadians today than before the recession. Last year 

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Who is liable for the Mamasapano fiasco?

Philippine Reporter Opinion Survey Question 1: On January 25, 2015, 44 police SAF troopers, 18 MILF fighters, 6 BIFF fighters, and some civilians were killed in the Mamasapano massacre. Who is accountable and/or liable for these deaths? Why? a. President Aquino b. Resigned PNP chief Alan Purisima c. SAF commander Getulio Napenas d. MILF e. 

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What’s your take on the Pope’s PH visit?

Philippine Reporter’s Opinion Survey “I think it’s great that the Pope does a yearly pilgrimage and the people in the Philippines must feel really grateful to have Pope Francis. So I’m not surprised by the large number of people who showed up to greet him. Whether you are Christian or not, it’s an honour to 

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By Rodel Ramos

How we treat our leaders is unkind

Business corporations compensate their executives with lavish salaries, bonuses, stock options, retirement and separation packages to attract the best. In the government, elected and appointed officials are highly paid, have retirement bonuses, well respected and have the power to decide where the billions of dollars in taxes go and what projects and policies to pursue. 

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