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Thoughts on the role of community media

Keynote Address, PPCO holiday party, Dec. 8, 2016, Toronto Let me acknowledge first the bountiful harvest of recruits PPCO has this year. More importantly, we have a new batch of new members composed mainly of young talents in the community, most with journalism education and/or currently active in community or mainstream media. For sure we 

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Most Filipinos ‘worried’ about summary killings – SWS poll

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – While many Filipinos support President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs, most of them also fear that they, or someone they know, will be victims of extrajudicial killings. A new Social Weather Stations survey, first published on BusinessWorld, found that 78% of its respondents were worried they could be the next 

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Gary Bloch

We cannot afford the cost of ignoring poverty

Taking care of those in need now will cost us less in the long run TORONTO– As a family doctor who works largely with people living on low incomes, poverty is at the root of many of the illnesses I treat. And, a dozen or so years into my career, my workload shows no sign 

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Glvin Macfadyen

Trudeau has every right to speak from the heart

By Gavin MacFadyen Columnist, Troy Media NEW YORK– If the worst Canadians have to worry about is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau waxing eloquent about the late Fidel Castro, it’s safe to say things are pretty darn good in the Great White North. Upon learning of Castro’s death at age 90, Trudeau praised him as a 

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Mr. President, you could not totally disregard human rights

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective As December 10 International Human Rights day draws near, let us remind the Duterte administration that human rights is not something which could be upheld or disregarded at the whims or caprices of the government, the war no drugs notwithstanding. There are fundamental rights that could not be totally disregarded 

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Putting an end to “sanctuary cities” is among the bullying tactics being adopted by an incoming Trump administration, writes Dr. Binoy Kampmark. 
Credit: Center for Immigration Studies, Washington D.C.

Trump’s Impossible Deportation Goals

Written by  New Canadian Media Commentary by Dr. Binoy Kampmark in Melbourne, Australia Throughout the campaign for the White House, Donald Trump sensationalized one of the great sores of U.S. political and social life: the issue of immigrants, notably the undocumented, and what his presidency would do to them. As Trump asserted to Lesley Stahl on 60 

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Ahmad Shah Hotaki, Hermie Garcia, Thomas Saras, Mila Garcia, Isa Melo, Susana Donan and John Saraidaris

Media outlets offer cultural lifelines to immigrants

Remarks by the Hon. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada Awards Friday, November 4, 2016 Mr. Saras, ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs: Good evening, bonsoir, boozhoo. Welcome to the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite. Bienvenue dans les appartements du lieutenant-gouverneur. I want to begin by acknowledging Toronto as 

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IBON Survey: Filipinos think raising workers’ wages should be govt’s top concern

In research group IBON’s latest survey, Filipinos top-ranked raising workers’ wages among the most important concerns that government should address. Meaningful and gainful livelihood and improvement of social services emerged as second and third top concerns, respectively. Survey respondents were presented with a list of primary national concerns. These included upholding economic sovereignty, nationalization of 

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IBON Survey – 7 out of 10 Filipinos see themselves as poor

According to research group IBON’s latest survey, the majority of Filipinos consider themselves poor. Asked what they can say about the situation of their families today, seven out of ten or 70.8% of respondents said they are poor.  Only 25% said they are not poor, while the rest said they don’t know or had no 

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Most Filipinos opposed to more foreign ownership in PH economy – IBON Survey

Research group IBON’s recent survey showed that the majority of Filipinos are against further foreign ownership in the country’s economy. Asked if they favored the proposal to further open up the Philippine economy to foreign ownership of land, natural resources, utilities, educational institutions, companies or corporations and media outfits, majority of the respondents disagreed. In further 

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