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Proposed Sin Tax policy to include all sweetened and sugary soft drinks

By Gemma Rains The Potential Expansion of The Philippines Sin Taxes More than two years ago the Philippine Congress passed new laws (colloquially known as the ‘sin taxes’) that increase the amount of tax that the government receives from the sales of both tobacco and alcohol in the country. The purpose of these taxes were 

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Atty. Mark A. B. Donald

Presentation on Defamation by Lawyer Mark A.B. Donald

Summary of presentation to the Philippine Press Club of Ontario, June 24, 2015 at Casa Manila, Toronto DEFAMATION: WHAT IT IS The starting point for any discussion of defamation law is an understanding of what “defamation” actually means. Defamation can be divided into two sub-sections: (1) libel (written defamation); and (2) slander (spoken defamation). For 

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Open Letter from Michael Chan

Ontario’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade replies to Globe and Mail’s story casting doubts on his loyalty to Canada June 17, 2015 I wish to make a statement about the recent Globe & Mail articles that repeat 5-year-old, unfounded suggestions about me. I am grateful to Premier Wynne for her early and definitive 

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Duterte-Marcos: A match made in …

By LUIS V. TEODORO Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. has denied receiving any “offer” from Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to run as the latter’s vice-presidential candidate in 2016. But Marcos did tell the media that any team that has a Marcos and a Duterte in it would be strong; “It’s just that simple.” (Lahat ng 

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A plan for real change

Dear Editor, After 10 years under the Harper government, Ottawa is broken. Canadians’ faith in politics has never been lower. After promising reform, the Conservatives have delivered the most centralized, partisan and self-serving government in our history. Under Harper, Science and evidence have never mattered less; politics and partisanship have never mattered more. The people 

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Statement from NDP Immigration Critic Teresa Armstrong on report into immigration detentions

“The report by the University of Toronto ‎should provoke shock and outrage at the deplorable conditions and neglect immigration detainees experience in Ontario. “New Democrats have raised the issue of this Liberal government’s role in the detention of immigrants before and received only silence back. I understand this is the same response the report’s authors 

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Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo

Independence: ‘Unfinished’ and elusive

By Luis V. Teodoro In 1962, then President Diosdado Macapagal declared June 12 Philippine Independence Day — 16 years after it had been celebrated every July 4 when, in 1946, the United States “granted” the country independence. Few objected at the time, in apparent agreement with Macapagal that the June 12, 1898 declaration of independence 

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Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Philippine Independence Day

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on Philippine Independence Day: “Today, I extend my warmest wishes to all those in Canada and around the world who are celebrating the 117th anniversary of the independence of the Philippines. “Since independence, the Philippines has faced challenges, but thanks to its industrious people the country 

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Statement by Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau on Philippine Independence Day

TORONTO–The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Philippine Independence Day: “Today, we join together with the Filipino community – here in Canada, in the Philippines, and around the world – to celebrate the 117th anniversary of Philippine Independence. “With more than 700,000 Canadians tracing their heritage 

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NDP Statement on Philippine Independence Day

NDP Critic for Multiculturalism Andrew Cash (Davenport) made the following statement on Philippine Independence Day: As the NDP Critic for Multiculturalism, I would like to extend my best wishes to Canadians of Filipino heritage who are celebrating Philippine Independence Day today.  Filipino-Canadians have made an incredible social, economic and cultural impact on Canadian society. The 

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