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Unending impunity

Dispatches: Unending Impunity in the Philippines

One was a peasant leader. Another was a newspaper publisher. Both were shot and killed by men on motorcycles on the same day, underscoring a continuing legacy of violence and impunity in the Philippines. Joel Gulmatico, chairman of the Arakan Progressive Peasant Organization in North Cotabato province, died Tuesday morning after a gunman shot him 

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Poverty is the cause, not the result, of overpopulation

By LUIS V. TEODORO Vantage Point | BusinessWorld The Philippine population reached 100 million in 2014, and is projected to reach 101.6 million this year. The projection is based on an annual growth rate of 2.1%, which, while lower than the 2.42% rate from 1990 to 1995, is still the highest in the Southeast Asian 

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Consolacion ‘Mama Ching’ Quejas

Farewell to a Cherished Mother

It is with sadness that the Filipino community bid farewell to Consolacion Quejas, fondly known, to many of us, as Mama Ching. At 91 years old, Mama Ching was the backbone of the Filipino Canadian Community being a founding member of the Kalayaan organization and a respected leader. She will always be remembered for her 

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William Sansom

How I met British writer William Sansom

By Joel Recla Towards the end of my stay in London, England,  a week before my departure for Canada,  I became friends with one cancer English patient, at St Mary’s Hospital, where I worked.  We  talked and shared about our travel, and places that we both have seen.  He seemed to be amused at how far I traveled, from the Orient 

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A better way to support middle class families

Dear editor, Canadians don’t have to settle for the Conservative government’s family policies that give the most money to those who need it the least. The Liberal Party has a better plan, one that is focused on the middle class. Recently Minister Pierre Poilievre has been heavily promoting the government’s plan. Its cornerstone is “income 

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By Ralph Goodale, MP

Conservative attack-ad based upon a lie

One repulsive Conservative attack-ad running on television these days talks about Canada’s 2008 recession. If you recall, that was just the first recession over which Stephen Harper has presided – we’re now suffering through his second.  What a glorious record, as he stumbles from one economic bungle to another! In this television ad, a paid 

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Dispatches: Whitewashing Internal Displacement in the Philippines

By Carlos H. Conde Researcher, Asia Division Human Rights Watch The Philippine government loves to put on a pretty face for visiting dignitaries. In May 2012, it rounded up and hid street children and others living along a highway in Manila when the Asian Development Bank’s board of governors met. In January, street dwellers were 

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Letter on Canadian garbage in the Philippines, from a Canadian citizen

Dear friends, Sharing with you a letter sent to several NDP members of Parliament. Hoping for some response/action I am a Canadian citizen presently residing in the Philippines. I am writing to share my concern over garbage that was exported from Canada to the Philippines. In 2013, 50 40-foot container vans of trash were sent 

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Poverty, corruption did not go down in past three months

The survey revealed public opinion contrary to recent government claims that its poverty and anti-corruption efforts have been working The latest IBON survey showed that seven of ten Filipinos do not think that poverty has lessened in the past months. The survey also showed that six of ten Filipinos do not think there is less 

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IBON Survey: More Filipinos see themselves poor

According to the latest survey of research group IBON, seven out of ten Filipinos see their families’ situation as poor. Asked what they can say about their family’s situation today, respondents who answered ‘poor’ increased to 67.2% in the May round from 64.6% in the January round. The respondents were also asked what they think 

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