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Tough jueteng luck

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘KUBRADOR (The Bet Collector)’ TORONTO–The number 13 reminds her of bad omen. 29 signifies death. 5 is an innocent child. 18 cleverly brings to mind testicles. As a combination 13-24 or 5-18, it could bring a good fortune. Place a bet and find out soon if your numbers would yield bane or boon. 

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IMMIGRATION: Be wary of those who offer guarantees

On more than a few occasions in my twenty years of practice prospective clients have declined to use my services because I wouldn’t “guarantee” the outcome of their immigration application. They claimed that for a few dollars more, they could be “guaranteed” the desired result by some unnamed immigration official or advisor. In such circumstances, 

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Immigration officials caught lying in court

Mine is a dirty business! Foreigners have enough difficulty avoiding the incompetence and dishonesty of some of the self-styled immigration professionals who prey on them. The situation is made even worse when these poor people have to deal with dishonest immigration officials. Take the case of Jugraj Kaur Sandhu who, together with her three kids, 

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A simplified solution for a simple problem: Wrong answer

Canadian Immigration News and Views On September 1st, 2006 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will begin using the Simplified Application Process (SAP) for most Federal Economic Class applicants (federal skilled workers and business immigrants) whereby only an application form and a fee are required at the time of application. CIC claims to be implementing the 

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The case of Marilou Tabuno

Open Letter to Consul General Alejandro Mosquera We are sure that you know of the case of Marilou Tabuno, of Urdaneta, Pangasinan, Philippines, who came to Toronto, Canada this April, like many Filipinos before and after, to provide for a better life for her family. On May 23, she was hit by a car while 

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SONA and The Killing Fields of Gloria

(Speech delivered by Edwin C. Mercurio–CASJ Chairperson, in front of Toronto Philippine Consulate, July 24, 2006.) As embattled Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo spoke in Congress on her yearly State of the Nation address, Filipino-Canadians across North America today went out of their way to join their compatriots worldwide in calling for her ouster from power. 

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Immigration questions welcome

By Rafael Fabregas Barrister and Solicitor Immigration Lawyer More often the first question I get asked by a fellow kababayan who I just met at a social event is “Where are you from back home?” Then the next set of questions could very well be: “Have you been in Canada for many years now? How 

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Time to tap into foreign worker human resources

Canadian Immigration News and Views Canadian business often laments at the very shallow pool of skilled labour. With an aging population, the baby boomers nearing retirement and a shortage of young people who want to enter into some occupations employers’ cries will be getting louder and louder. Statistics have shown that retirees outpace the workforce. 

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NOTEBOOK: Belanger’s luha ng buwaya (Translation: Belanger’s crocodile tears)

I WASN’T THERE when Detective Constable Dan Belanger started his testimony Friday (June 23) at the Jeffrey Reodica inquest when he reportedly shed tears or was so teary-eyed and almost choking that his lawyer had to ask for a recess. Poor guy, he must have had nightmares throughout these two years since May 21, 2004 

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PPC-O looking beyond socializing

(Speech of Philippine Press Club-Ontario President Tenny Soriano, St. Boniface Church Social Hall, May 27, 2006) Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. Welcome to our simple installation rites. Please note that I used the word simple because in the years to come, this will be the hallmark of this new PPC-O administration. ‘Ika nga, as 

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