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When No Means No

Canadian Immigration Views By Berto Volpentesta “I realize that this decision will be a disappointment to you, and that my response at this time could not be more favourable. Thank you for your interest in Canada”, “You must leave Canada by…,” “You have been found to ….”. Is this really the end? Is this NO 

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The need for an advocacy coalition

SINCE the fatal shooting of Jeffrey Reodica on May 21, 2004 and the subsequent campaign to seek justice in the case, we have witnessed the emergence of a movement to build an alliance of groups to take on this cause. An organizing committee for what was conceived as a coalition was informally set up. It 

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Why we must support the Justice for Jeffrey campaign

I CONSIDER the issue of the Jeffrey Reodica campaign for justice a rare and golden opportunity to build a strong and united Filipino community in the Greater Toronto Area. The main objective of the campaign, of course, is to achieve justice in the death of a young member of our community. Shooting an unarmed 17-year 

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Dealing with fraud: Manitoba nominee program changes

Canadian Immigration Views By Berto Volpentesta STARTING June 1, 2004 the government of Manitoba will only accept applications for the highly sought after selection certificates by way of one of six streams. They have changed the method of selecting nominees, at least in part, in response the increase level of fraud and abuse. Several of 

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202 persons killed in ‘peaceful, clean elections’

LET’S move the second part of our “Death by Medicine” column to the next issue. The national elections in the Philippines is too important a topic to ignore at this time. To simplify this business of column writing this issue, I want to just quote two Filipino columnists from the Philippines Daily Inquirer whose many 

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‘Death by Medicine’: 780,000+ die yearly

MY apologies for the delay in writing this column. Other stories had to use my space in the previous issues. But this time, I’ll have all the space I need because the information I’m about to share with you is stunning, to say the least. It’s about the medical system in the United States where 

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Starting April 13, all immigration consultants must be licensed

Canadian Immigration Views By Berto Volpentesta Today, Judy Sgro, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Anne McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, announced new regulations that will, on April 13, 2004, stipulate that the Government of Canada will only recognize an immigration representative who is a member of a 

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Interrupt conversations and you’ll be 7 times more likely to get heart disease

RECENTLY I received in the mail a free promotional issue of Bottom Line/Health magazine or newsletter. I usually receive health or wellness materials and newsletters in the mail. Having subscribed to some of them in the past, my name must now be in the mailing lists of dozens of health-related marketing organizations. This last one 

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