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NOTEBOOK: Some hot stories we covered since 1989; The Reporter turns sweet 16

IT’S BEEN A LONG JOURNEY since March 1989 when The Philippine Reporter started publishing as a twice- monthly community newspaper. At that time there were only four papers serving the Filipino community in Toronto, the Reporter being the fourth. Now, 16 years later, there are a dozen of them, giving the impression to readers that 

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Parents: Canada’s cornerstone starts to stress

Canadian Immigration Views By Berto Volpentesta It is no coincidence that as we consider the significance of Remembrance Day we bring to mind a variety of images of those who have gone before us to ensure that we could all live a life that all humans deserve. Similarly no coincidence, our minds may go to 

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Poor and Powerless: Community must act now

(Speech delivered at the Consultation conference, “Strenghthen Our Community for Social Justice,” Oct 30,2004 at Metro Hall in Toronto.) I have about 15 minutes to speak and I want to use that time to convey a single message. And that is, given our number in the Greater Toronto Area and our glorious revolutionary history as 

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Filipino workers have a stake in building a strong community

(Speech delivered at the First Anniversary of Filipino Canadian Auto Workers Association, Oct. 10, 2004, Brampton, Ontario) Congratulations on your first anniversary. For a very young association, you have already done so much in helping others. You have made the following cash donations: • $1000 to a resettlement high school for children of Aetas in 

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Swadron analyses the SIU report

(Following are the complete and verbatim notes of lawyer Barry Swadron read during the press conference on Sept. 29, 2004 called by the family of Jeffrey Reodica about the report of the Special Investigations Unit on the fatal of Jeffrey on May 21, 2004. – Ed.) _________________________ 1 The family of Jeffrey Reodica and its 

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Letters to The Editor: Journalistic baptism of fire

Dear Editor, I read your column (Notebook, Sept. 1-15, 2004) where you decried the apathy of the Filipino community media towards the issue of Jeffrey Reodica’s death, adding that they were instead in full force at Imelda’s documentary showing. First of all, I suspect that the Filipino community media are a little wary to tackle 

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Canada’s commitment to the world

Canadian Immigration Views By Berto Volpentesta TORONTO–Canada’s refugee determination process may be one of the best models in the world. Canada is a signatory to several international agreements and has incorporated into its domestic policy, statutes and regulations many aspects of the international agreements as an outright display of Canada’s commitment to the world. In 

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The need for vigilance in the Jeffrey case

I attended the press conference of the lawyers of the family of Jeffrey Reodica last Friday, Aug. 27 with much anticipation because it would reveal the findings of the family-initiated independent investigation into the fatal shooting of the youth from Scarborough on May 21, 2004. The announcement in the email said that the Special Investigations 

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The clock is ticking: Act now

Canadian Immigration Views By Berto Volpentesta TORONTO—Time may be running out for thousands of applicants who were refused or who had withdrawn their applications for permanent residence under Canada’s Economic Classes. This time, you don’t want to be the one left out of the Canadian cold. Last December 3, 2003 the rules for applicants in 

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Letter to the Editor: GMA right in saving life of de la Cruz

Dear Editor, I’m sure we will hear no end to the debate whether President Arroyo is justified in withdrawing our troops from Iraq much to the consternation of the rest of the coalition. But here’s my two cents worth: President Gloria Arroyo acted with the best interest of the Filipino people foremost in her mind. 

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