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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why dismantle Filipino organizations? Diversity enriches our community

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to the Letter to the Editor (“Dismantle all Filipino groups…”) in the Dec. 1-15, 2006 issue. I completely disagree with the recommendations made in this piece. The purpose of the first part of Mr. Artemio Valladolid’s piece, I believe, was to illustrate the apathetic political culture in the 

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Letter of Appeal

We’ve all heard it before; each time a horrific disaster hits some part of the world, spreading suffering, many people say “there is not much we can do about it”. In our hearts, we know that that is far from the truth. Yes, we CAN do something about it. Solidarity with our kababayans whose lives 

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Going home for the Holidays – planes, trains and buses

Canadian Immigration News and Views As we come upon the holiday season many are making plans to return home to be with family. This is a joyous occasion that everyone looks forward to. For some this means leaving Canada while for others this may mean coming back to Canada. That joy may turn to something 

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IMMIGRATION: Hiring help can save you money in the long run

In last week’s column I discussed some of the ways that an experienced immigration practitioner can help you save time in the processing of an immigration application. But can such assistance also save you money? Absolutely. Most reasonably experienced practitioners charge from, say, $2,500-$4,500 for a family class sponsorship of moderate complexity to about $3,500-$6,000 

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dismantle all Filipino groups and put up one

Dear Editor, This is in regard to your Notebook column in the November 16-30 issue of the Philippine Reporter. Failure to fully integrate in Toronto’s civic life may explain for the level of political apathy among us. But we should not blame the immigrant years for this malaise. All immigrants go through this funk when 

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IMMIGRATION: More settlement dollars can’t fix faulty selection criteria

We are not selecting our immigrants properly. Instead of changing our criteria, we are instead planning to spend lots of money to correct our mistakes. Immigration policy has traditionally favored people with the highest levels of education, language skills, and professional experience. On its face, this “best and the brightest” approach seems to make sense 

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NOTEBOOK: Why we still can’t make it

Filipinos fail to gain foothold in municipal elections With all the excitement over the big number of Filipino-Canadian candidates in the recent municipal elections in Toronto and the GTA, come now the almost bitter disappointment over the losses and the hindsight expectation that these candidates could not win and did not expect to win at 

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IMMIGRATION: Keeping ‘exile’ in perspective

Upset over the so-called “exile” of child molester Malcolm Watson, are we? I don’t want to sound like the champion of child abusers or anything, but I do think some perspective is needed here. Watson is a US citizen who, a few years ago, became a permanent resident of Canada possibly through the sponsorship by 

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Regulations of Paralegals in Ontario

Canadian Immigration News and Views Quick Divorce! – Not so fast. The explosion of “paralegals” as alternate providers of services such as uncontested divorce, incorporations, WCB representation and other administrative type legal work in Ontario lead to increased pressure and need for consumer protection to ensure that the services being provided were done so by 

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Aggression not caused by Filipino youths

(Letter to the Editor in reply to the column of Rosie DiManno. Not published by the Toronto Star.) Rosie DiManno misses the point in her column “Teenager author of his own fate”. The Reodica family lawyer and that of the Community Alliance for Social Justice (CASJ) came up with recommendations to the jury in the 

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